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We haven't been able to test mimicry across this evolutionary system before because of the difficulty in quantifying how similar two butterflies are.'
Kwon theorizes that Nabokov's conception of biological mimicry is grounded in his furtive and incomplete scientific work as an entomologist.
Abbas talked to the mimicry artist for about five minutes while thinking he is talking to the PM himself and later climbed down with satisfaction.
New Delhi [India], June 19 ( ANI ): Noted mimicry artist Dr Nerella Venu Madhav died after a prolonged illness.
He was a mimicry expert and could easily sing in legendary singers' voices.
Santhosh Chandran Doha With their exotic beauty, striking plumage and promiscuous mimicry, caged birds are conquering young hearts in Qatar lately " so much so that it has reversed a dip in sales caused by the unjust siege.
Their talent in mimicry isn't unreasonable, seeing as orcas are extremely intelligent, and have the second biggest brain in comparison to all their ocean friends.
Facial mimicry describes the unconscious mirroring of others' emotional facial expressions by activating one's own congruent facial muscles [19].
COMEDY Paul Chowdhry is constantly challenging and relentlessly inventive, his comedy fuels an eclectic set punctuated by impressive feats of mimicry and verbal dexterity.
Biologist Alison Center will discuss the strategies that butterflies use to avoid being eaten, including mimicry, camouflage and warnings.
After some explanations about sociocultural background of some Iranian women in diaspora as well as discussions about title and cover of the memoirs, this article will explain Homi Bhabha's postcolonial theories of hybridity, mimicry and stereotype and the applications of these concepts to the context of immigration.
BLUNDER blond Boris Johnson's excruciating Goodness Gracious Me "clinky" Indian mimicry in a Bristol gurdwara, triggering a dressing down from a Brit Sikh for droning on about booze, fuels speculation the woeful Foreign Secretary, left, would be sacked if the Cons won again.