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In addition to creating complex mimics, we will also create totally new synthetic systems inspired by the properties of the cell membrane, but possessing unique properties.
Muscle tremors may appear as rapid variations in the baseline that may be either coarse or fine and mimic atrial flutter or a runaway pacemaker.
Evening the experimental playing field in this manner results in ongoing, interactive refinements of the hypotheses and the robots themselves as they improve in their ability to mimic real lobsters' behavior.
Environmental groups also want the FDA to require companies to disclose the use of phthalates and compounds that mimic hormones on plastic container labels.
CORTOSS is a high-strength, biocompatible, self-setting composite engineered specifically to mimic the strength characteristics of human cortical bone.
Bashkin's mimics, based on stouter DNA molecules, are smaller, simpler, and lighter than naturally occurring ribozymes and can be made to resist enzyme degradation better.
If we combine our assumptions, that the costs of financial distress vary across firms and the probability that getting caught increases with the quality gap, then we see that a low(er)-quality firm, Firm j, can choose to mimic a high(er)-quality firm, Firm i, by setting a low conversion ratio if the benefits of mimicking exceed the expected costs.
Vitamin K is evolving as a key regulator of bone mineral structure and this vitamin and its mimics are therefore strongly implicated as therapeutic candidates for the prevention of osteoporosis.
HeCd Flex is a g-p material that mimics polypropylene properties and is suited for applications where parts must bend without breaking.
If GLP1 mimics also have those effects, these substances would go well beyond current therapies, which concentrate on wringing every last molecule of insulin out of beleaguered beta cells or injecting extra insulin into the body.
In this study we evaluated the effect of fetal exposure to bisphenol A, which mimics estrogenic activity, on aggressive behavior and hormonal change in male mice.
RHAKOSS is under development as a preformed composite that mimics the natural dual cortical-cancellous composition of human bone, providing high strength while also allowing for the ingrowth of host bone to address the vertebral interbody fusion and spinal reconstruction market.