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Dolly Parton though once said she is not averse to miming or lip-syncing.
Britney Spears: Britney put her onstage miming down to energetic dance routines that made it impossible to sing live too - but while that energy seems to have fallen by the wayside the miming hasn't.
TG: With the use of those motions, is there a sort of meaningful miming taking place?
Natalie Conus's Soviet-style version of Swan Lake has a dancing jester, a miming tutor, and a dancing sorcerer; as an ensemble company, the Swedes also took to the demi-caractere and character roles in the court acts.
Lange quickly steered the interview back on track, asserting that miming wasn't how he was picturing it.
How long before they go the whole hog and Dermot O'Leary starts miming his introduction?
London, April 12 (ANI): Almost a year and a half after China outlawed the practise of miming to songs during live shows, two aspiring pop starlets have become the first singers to be fined for lip-synching.