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Patron's spokesman said that it was ridiculous to accuse her of miming and added that she doesn't need to mime since she has been performing for more than 60 years.
html) Telegraph UK reports that television viewers think Dolly Parton was just miming on the Festival.
But she jumped to Beyonce's defence when the XO star was blasted for miming at president Barack Obama's inauguration last year.
Stars blessed with such gifts should put them to good use and leave miming to Orville the Duck.
But in an interview for XFM, he said he had been approached but was unhappy with the secrecy and miming at a gig for tens of thousands of people.
Among the most famous miming performances was that of Britney Spears on The X Factor, which has also come under fire for using auto-tune to enhance performances.
Trevor Green, managing director of the Melbourne symphony, said miming was ''perfectly normal'' at an important event.