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Location Marina Cubes, Mina Rashid Timings Open Daily from11am to 12am, on weekends until 1am Contact 04 2552550
Under the terms of the agreement, MiNA will receive an upfront payment and committed research funding as well as potential research, development and regulatory milestone payments totalling up to EUR 307 million.
MINA Brasserie will celebrate the history of cocktails and preserve the practice of well-made thoughtful drinks, bringing an honest addition to the Dubai cocktail scene.
According to the terms of the agreement, Sosei has an exclusive option to acquire further defined stakes and potentially 100% of MiNA for a further GBP140m.
Should Sosei fully exercise its option, MiNA shareholders could receive up to a further GBP 240m, contingent on the achievement of development and regulatory milestones, which includes potential royalties from the commercialisation of products emanating from MiNA's RNA activation platform.
St Mina is the patron of the family and of travelers, and is believed to help people find their lost possessions.
The death of thousands of Hajj pilgrims in Mina tragedy is not an issue that could go unnoticed by us for the sake of political considerations," the PFUJ said in a statement today.
Asif Khan, a resident of Bajore Agency had gone to perform hajj along with his parents and was missing after the Mina incident.
Mina's owners, Adel Etinas and Hany Guirguis, said they selected Longs after determining that it would be the best strategic partner and the best fit for Mina employees and patients.
Mina Group's subsidiary, Red Star Enterprises, has won competitive tenders to supply jet fuel to the DoD's Defense Logistics Agency in various locations in Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia.
Except for the 20 dismissed workers, the other employees had already received their separation pay and benefits from the management while some of them were hired to work in the subsidiaries of Citra Mina Group of Companies.
The three main packages include revamp and upgrade of the Mina Al Ahmadi refinery, revamp, upgrade and expansion of the Mina Abdullah plant, as well as the shutdown and dismantling of the Shuaiba refinery and expansion of the Mina Al Ahmadi refinery's facilities and utilities.