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the land," only this time to form a minatory "wave" of vegetation (30).
On Wednesday while talking to media outside parliament house he said that government has implemented all terms of International Minatory (IMF) in budget and increased the percentage of general sales tax from 3 to 19 for poor people.
Under Curtis' baton OOTS provided a careful, assiduous accompaniment, with noble horns, minatory trumpets and timpani (what a magisterial opening Tim Farmer tapped out
Quoting Eliot's quotation in The Waste Land_of the "Burial of the Dead" service in The Book of Common Prayer--"I will show you fear in a handful of dust"--Brodsky scornfully asserts that Eliot needs the minatory presence of "a handful of dust to perceive terror.
435) But sustaining this political will is an especially difficult task in the face of prominent IFIs that continuously promote even the minatory elements of land transfers.
16) They vowed to alleviate obstreperous and minatory national security danger and affixed Iraq at the apex of perils to the United States.
Likewise in October, in a minatory letter to the consuls and people of Milan, the pope advised them that crusading victories in Provence and by the army of the faithful in Spain--an army which had miraculously overcome innumerable Agarenes--demonstrated that no multitude of armies could resist the Lord (4).
Muslims saw that their beloved pluralist America had morphed into a minatory predator and were baffled," writes Ahmed.
The author,' Stead continued, 'is not impartial, but not minatory either.
This latter Gothic is the minatory counter to postmodern nostalgia, and it is not so much acknowledged in Postmodernism's passages as it is feared and avoided.
I find it significant, therefore, that the minatory "wedge-shaped shadows"--half Cupid's arrow, half dart of Mors--imply a moon whose antiseptic "cleanliness" offsets the spherical porcelain into which Larkin has just drizzled his urine.
More junior doctors soon moved on to other posts, and nurses were cowed by the sheer minatory power of medicine and the status of doctors.