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Still, notes Daston, "minatory epistemology" has not gained the upper hand over science, which "has historically been risk-seeking with respect to belief": "Successful science has historically erred on the side of maximizing knowledge, rather than on that of minimizing error--even at the cost of believing too much."
DeLay got a few newspaper profiles that duly took note of his minatory reputation, but that also jocularly conveyed a ceremonial vignette in which he handed a hammer wrapped in velvet to his successor as House majority whip.
No one as perspicacious as Edward Said, in other words, could make such a convincing and eloquent argument for the theoretical connections between postcolonial historiography, classical music, and anti-imperialist politics that speaks not simply to his exceptional gifts as a comparative critic and an intellectual, as it does to the development and reinvention of what could loosely be called a contesting and politically minatory secular humanism.
Obey your parents, obey the tribal elders, especially when they adopt a solemn, minatory tone.
Plenty of films rouse this: think back to the minatory if ungrammatical 1963 ad that warned filmgoers that 'The Birds is coming' or to the pram sinisterly silhouetted in the publicity for Rosemary's Baby (1968), or more recently the whipping up of aficionado madness for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999) or The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Of course, the enticing but minatory country was America, and
It is not the case that these minatory comments are missing in earlier journal entries, but in these pages there is hardly a positive commendation that is not overmatched by negative observations like, "What wonder if all the people were grown dead as stones" (26).
He could be both hortatory and minatory in his public utterances and yet retreat to a small, still voice in the solitude of his study.
This event, however, is something that Will needs to have happen in order to break up the "minatory ordinariness of midafternoon" (17).
(38.) A tart reminder, perhaps, of the minatory associations of things Spanish only sharpened by the heightened sense of nationalism in post-Armada England, recalled in A.
On Wednesday while talking to media outside parliament house he said that government has implemented all terms of International Minatory (IMF) in budget and increased the percentage of general sales tax from 3 to 19 for poor people.
the land," only this time to form a minatory "wave" of vegetation (30).