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I don't mind doing this occasionally when we're both too tired to actually do the deed but I'm struggling to understand why this happens all the time and if he just doesn't feel attracted to me in the same way any more.
He said: "I probably won't have the time so much this year with the horses I have to ride, but I've been asked to do the Grand National and if I'm free I wouldn't mind doing it.
Speaking at the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' press conference in LA, the 'Transformers' star said that she did not mind doing that stuff, as that had been a part of being an actress in Hollywood since the beginning, the Mirror reported.
Staff don't mind doing a few additional hours but too many employers take this for granted.
The salient point being that Holmfirth is fighting against a supermarket in their own village because it will pollute and cause chaos, but they don't mind doing the same thing in someone else's village
I don't mind doing anything to ensure this dream of being a world champion comes true.
So the director, whose most films have strong female characters, did not mind doing some cosmetic changes in his script.
But I don't mind doing the odd Sevens match or perhaps a ladies game, it's been very useful.
They only require a man who does not mind doing small household chores," he said.
I won't mind doing a spot of mediating if the situation arises," he said.
I don't mind doing what I can -- just to oblige you .
I wouldn't mind doing more of this type of work; I've really enjoyed myself, and feel like I've done something worthwhile" - Claire