mind set

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Islamabad -- Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on Tuesday said that after five years, there is still a lot of resistance to the 18th Amendment mainly from the centralist mind set and more so at the federal level.
This fully reflected his mind set that Pak engineers and Pakistan as a whole must never be painted negative.
Villas-Boas revealed that having had the two stars transfer requests accepted, he had spoken to the Chelsea board about the need to exclude both as he wanted the right mind set before going into the clash against Valencia.
First we presume there is a mind set and elements behind this incident who attacked the mosques and they train people for terrorism, he said.
Battle Exhortation" is a scholarly look at how one's mind set and the mind set of his allies can mean the difference between life and death in the field of battle.
Beyond Voisey's Bay, Fuller has his mind set on submitting bids for other mill and maintenance work projects in northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and internationally.
My vision is to be on the same mind set as the commanding general," said Hawkins, "as to where SDDC needs to go.
We need to bring in students from the East and West Coasts, both for economic reasons and to expose our mostly rural students to a different mind set.
Speaking as the Chief Executive Officer of a company that was created in response to these many changes, I can tell you that in order to make progress, we had to break through a mind set that had been built up through the half-century of the Cold War.
The most important stress reliever for teachers and students is the teacher's mind set.