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It is splintering apart because of the narrow mindedness shown on so many issues.
Sadly, so called 'Secular' India is unable to bear an informal meeting of her journalist, Vaidik; another example of Indian narrow mindedness," tweeted Saeed.
Not everyone will respond this way, but in my experience it's rare that a close-minded person will become more open without the encouragement of others and a structured way to demonstrate the new attitude or action--in this case, open mindedness.
The synonyms for prejudice range from bigotry and narrow mindedness, to sexism and racism.
To respond to the civic mindedness of this generation, and young people in general, educational institutions from elementary schools to colleges and universities have embraced service-learning as a valuable mechanism for engaging their students in the academic enterprise and the larger community.
The reader must maintain an open mindedness regarding the abandonment of certain aspects of traditional methodology.