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There are two causation paths incurring high-level knowledge integration: Path 1 shows that the logical condition set of high-level open mindedness and high-level shared visions triggers high-levelknowledge integration (consistency=0.
It is splintering apart because of the narrow mindedness shown on so many issues.
Sadly, so called 'Secular' India is unable to bear an informal meeting of her journalist, Vaidik; another example of Indian narrow mindedness," tweeted Saeed.
Here we differentiate three streams of IBDP research: (1) studies that examine students' perceptions of the positive and negative aspects of the IBDP, (2) studies that examine the impact of the IBDP on academic development and readiness and (3) studies that explore the impact of the IBDP on supporting students' international mindedness.
By bringing her fiery spirit, insatiable curiosity and open- mindedness to the event, and by working closely with industry insiders as well as with her team of programmers and collaborators, she managed to update the Rendez-vous' mandate while keeping its essence intact.
Branded too MODERN for the church, the Rev Jim Cowan walked out after accusing his congregation of back-stabbing, bloody mindedness and treating the church like a social club.
When Sextus, son of Tarquinius Superbus, ravished Lucretia, Brutus cast off his feigned simple - mindedness and swore vengeance; he led the insurrection which expelled the Tarquins from Rome and changed the magistracy of kings to that of consuls.
BSP leader Sudhindra Bhadoria said the decision reflected the narrow mindedness of the state government.
The synonyms for prejudice range from bigotry and narrow mindedness, to sexism and racism.
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness," wrote Mark Twain.
According to Bob, Julius was so involved in city politics, he was prepared to put his business on the backburner and indulge his civic mindedness full time.
But we cannot be certain of the reality of the spiritual and its relationship to Matty because he has a tendency to regard everything in a biblical light and he often misinterprets things owing to his literal mindedness.