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Why did Nick Clegg choose this particular moment to make a non-urgent visit to Afghanistan and just who was minding the shop in his absence?
Who is taking his turn "minding the shop" this week while PM Gordon Brown is on holiday?
Who is taking his turn "minding the shop" this week while Premier Gordon Brown is on holiday?
"The question is, what is the Government doing about it, and what would be the level of unemployment if the Government had not intervened in the economy in the way in which we have?" Lord Mandelson - currently "minding the shop" in Downing Street while Gordon Brown takes a holiday - said pounds 5 billion was being spent on getting people back into jobs, whereas the Conservatives wanted to cut state investment in the economy by a similar amount.
Owner Buddy Mazzio opened the pub as a job opportunity for his two sons, bartender Jason and chef Brian, but he spends more time refereeing their fights than minding the shop. Gordon's verdict: the only thing that can save the business - where the greasy fried food reflects the arrogance running riot in the kitchen - is a man-to-man chat.
When manager changes occur, however, you might have a harder time finding out who's minding the shop. Certainly, such a change warrants a supplement to a fund's prospectus, but prospectuses come out only once a year.