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We should also, of course, do what we can to discourage shops, supermarkets and manufacturers from mindlessly encasing their products in all this bulky plastic packaging which then goes to fill our green bins.
I feel the people who are behaving mindlessly in a cemetery should be punished in such a way that others can be deterred from behaving like this.
SIR - I see in the Western Mail (June 24) that Cllr Gerald Davies is again mindlessly mouthing the mantra of supporting the Assembly to keep Wales strong 'as part of the United Kingdom.'
While a few bits miss the mark, Anchorman's worth seeing if you want to laugh mindlessly for 90 minutes.
Eric Firth, 49, CrosbySix weeks with the children can prove very expensive and by week four they are mindlessly bored.
Once all eyes were on me, I'd get so shaken that if I was holding a piece of paper, I'd mindlessly shred it to pieces!
And the most ironic part of it is that this bunch were only enabled to behave as mindlessly and violently as they did because the country in which they live gives them the freedom to do so.
This goes not only for interested voters but for the establishment media, many of whom mindlessly fawned over him.
Houshiary's works restore spiritual feeling to abstract painting, which, under Greenberg's ministrations, had become mindlessly materialistic.
More than two centuries later, the spirit of the French Revolution is so alive and well, it has becom institutionalised in universities where upcoming generations are now being taught to rebel mindlessly, without question and without intelligence, against "the notion of God" (and the "oppressive" traditional morality such a belief engenders) and, though they don't realise it, against civilisation itself.
She exposes a number of influential hoaxes, meticulously tracking the way they have been mindlessly repeated by the media until they have come to seem part of received wisdom.
She said she was 'confused and traumatized' that she 'mindlessly' signed her first complaint-affidavit.