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Critics of mindlessness in schooling wanted teachers to reach youth by being exciting, innovative, and critical of the past.
That's as close as I ever got to the mindfulness of deep breathing currently in vogue for urban Buddhists looking for solace from the speed and mindlessness of the digital age.
Of course, the mindlessness of the coverage wasn't limited to London.
But the crushing defeat of Senator Richard Lugar in the recent Indiana Republican primary, in a Tea Party-supported campaign of shocking mindlessness, has reverberated in capitals around the world, including my own.
An example of mindlessness is continuing to do things the way we always have, just because we always have.
Mindlessness was his main feature and hence took all the wrong decision at every step.
Beyond the immediate tragedy, what the latest news from Siachen has done is to once again bring into focus the mindlessness of the Siachen conflict.
And there I was, resigned to the fact that the "festive season" would remain a time for reflecting on imminent financial meltdown and the mindlessness of people playing Cliff's Mistletoe and Wine.
Courage and resolve against mindlessness, vanity and greed are called upon to protect the planet and to cure ourselves.
Never a word from the "loyal opposition" condemning this mindlessness of children not old enough to put a judgement together, let alone be entrusted with a vote
Once we settled into a rhythm, however, the mindlessness of our task became relaxing, like an active meditation.
But witnessing an emblem of unbridled mindlessness tied to crime is a nice symbolic victory.