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While many of us need to re-learn mindfulness and practice it daily, Mathews said having occasional mindlessness can also be a good thing.
The problems of mindlessness and the benefits of mindfulness have been identified in general society, in general education and in physical education (Ball et al., 2014).
North Manual High School's responses are "off," as the next sections on mindlessness and unequal opportunities detail, heightening anxieties over the state of such youth.
It also ruminates on the peculiar synergy of a cult film depicting a subculture that itself resembles a cult, with Glynn characterising the film as 'a cult film that dares to explore the dangers in being part of a cult; it is a Mod film that points out the potential mindlessness of Mod' (p.
Americans have grown inured to mass violence, even when it occurs in settings that are the antithesis of the mindlessness that such violence represents: schools and colleges.
In Chapter 1, "The Uniqueness of Marital Communication: Context, Mindlessness, Arousal," Kelly concentrates on "identifying relational and social contexts that affect marital communication," while also looking at "the psychological and physical effects of these contexts on married partners" (p.
Unfortunately, it's only for humor's sake because "Sunset Overdrive'' never attempts to overcome its own mindlessness as it simultaneously skewers and celebrates so-called gamer culture.
"Here we have intelligence: this is what was needed to avert the slaughter of the 1990s, the emergence of sects, the collective mindlessness and the transformation of Algeria into a free zone for tele-sheikhs and preachers of evil and hatred," Daoud opines.
So far, Culture Minister Ali Jannati has made all the right noises, complaining about the level of censorship and criticizing it for mindlessness. Several weeks ago, he very dramatically said the Qoran wouldn't be able to pass Iran's censors if it was a new book presented for their review.
She defines mindfulness; discusses its use in counseling and psychotherapy; and considers how it can be integrated into existing cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and psychodynamic therapies, with reference to research on effectiveness, social psychological work on mindfulness and mindlessness, and qualitative research.
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, describing the action of the officer as " bloody mindlessness", has asked the police to investigate the matter.
We arealllosing out to the greed and mindlessness of small minority.