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But the crushing defeat of Senator Richard Lugar in the recent Indiana Republican primary, in a Tea Party-supported campaign of shocking mindlessness, has reverberated in capitals around the world, including my own.
An example of mindlessness is continuing to do things the way we always have, just because we always have.
On the contrary, it is mindlessness, either the sullen mindlessness of unloved work and point less consumption or the hyperactive mindlessness of frenetic work and conspicuous consumption.
And there I was, resigned to the fact that the "festive season" would remain a time for reflecting on imminent financial meltdown and the mindlessness of people playing Cliff's Mistletoe and Wine.
But she let herself forget the loss and go back into the mindlessness of the mud and the muck and the soft sea grass.
Courage and resolve against mindlessness, vanity and greed are called upon to protect the planet and to cure ourselves.
Never a word from the "loyal opposition" condemning this mindlessness of children not old enough to put a judgement together, let alone be entrusted with a vote
Mindfulness theory should be introduced to future teachers and supported in teacher training programs by linking it with other educational theories, Further, besides just teaching the theory, university professors must examine their own teaching practices to ascertain if they are encouraging mindfulness or if they are promoting mindlessness by teaching information from one perspective only.
THE story about old soldier George Woodrow's car being written off shows the stupidity and mindlessness of vandals.
So anyway, let's continue with the mindlessness that the Kardashian empire is built on.
Is this sheer mindlessness or is there a larger conspiracy at work?