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Just a moment we gazed upon each other, and then the look of hope and renewed courage which had glorified her face as she discovered me, faded into one of utter dejection, mingled with loathing and contempt.
The young man started, and fastened his eyes on her face with an indefinable look of delight mingled with sorrow.
The groans of the wounded, mingled with the roaring and growling of the great beasts which the noise and firelight had attracted, kept sleep, except in its most fitful form, from the tired eyes.
I'll tell you what it is: it's silent fretting and constant anxiety on your account, mingled, I suspect, with something of bodily fear on her own.
He watched her countenance as he drew nearer, with hope and anxiety mingled on his own.
Tell her that, if she had mingled a little trust with her conception of the ideal, much heartache might have been avoided.
The posh couple went to members club Residence over the weekend and mingled with some other top celebrities.
Muscat, April 11 (ONA) - The training mingled with employment programs are among the most successful program for the employment of the national manpower.
Gillian Anderson stole the show in a vintage Christian Dior gown, Ronnie Wood's ex Ana Araujo mingled, Nicola Roberts, right, wowed in her LBD and Dionne Bromfield performed at London's Sanctum Hotel.
What's interesting is that Ranbir stayed with his mother the entire time while Rishi mingled with his friends.
1 : to bring or combine together or with something else <The story mingled fact with fiction.
About 60 guests showed up and mingled on the playing court, eating, chatting and generally discovering that new friends beyond their designated group were fun.