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Watch for "No Parking" signs and expect flaggers and minimal delays.
A HG can have two or more minimal transversals with different cardinalities; see [T.
In minimal access surgery, wound related complications like infection, dehiscence, and pain are minimal.
The Tri-Council Policy Statement [TCPS] defines minimal risk as follows:
This article considers the adequacy of the Tri-Council Policy Statement definition of minimal risk to demarcate appropriate dividing lines for the various purposes it serves.
Also a minimal surface, it looks like a pair of intertwined spiral slides--a double helix--at its core and it stretches away to infinity as a stack of sheets.
The minimal acupuncture sessions lasted eight weeks.
At 8 weeks, response rates, defined as at least a 50% improvement on the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC), were 52% in the acupuncture group, 28% in the minimal acupuncture group, and 3% in the wait-list group.
In a rare foray into the present century (via E W Swanton, Randolph Turpin and Sir Len Hutton), Keating, 107, bemoans the fact that Ogenerations of uninterested viewers have been inflicted with wall-to-wall races from obscure tracks with minimal scenery, even more minimal crowds .
Administration appeals decision on minimal risk cattle case: The Department of Justice last week appealed an earlier decision by a U.