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4: The elementary using of the minimality of n) Suppose that Theorem 2 is false and let (n, f(n)) be a counter-example to Theorem 2 with n minimum and f(n, 2) minimum (such a couple exists and n [greater than or equal to] 4096 is of type 37, by using Proposition 5); look at [m.
With respect to monosyllabicity, sign languages raise interesting questions about recursivity of syllable-phonological word domains and also about cognitive motivations behind such strong minimality preferences.
Minimality imposes a kind of 'Occam's razor principle' [22] on argument construction: any superset [?
In order to achieve minimality of information, we just just collect the indices where a 2 x 2 pivot ends in a set [OMEGA] [subset or equal to] {2, .
As F [subset or equal to] K(P) [subset or equal to] P, it follows that F = P by the minimality of P.
In spite of all these efforts, the old thinking about minimality was not changed.
A third difference is that PWs are subject to a bisyllabic minimality condition in Shona (Myers 1995: 87), but not in Luganda.
This paper furnishes the proof for minimality of such path generation.
Its three sections -- "Eclats," "Petites epiphanies," and "Dates passages" -- reveal implicitly the felt tensions of fragmentation and the spurting light of fission, the upsurge of revelation available despite a sense of minimality, the markings of time and yet its shifting, slippery intangibleness.
But since z < x implies z < y, the minimality of k - k' tells us that k" = k.
The minimality condition of translation lightlike hypersurface M given by [phi] = ([m+1.
2] < dim H, and from minimality of H it follows that [H.