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Tertiary prevention emphasizes the rehabilitation and the minimalization the effects of the disease.
In contrast, emotion-focused coping focuses on lessening emotional distress and includes strategies such as avoidance, minimalization (sic), distancing, selective attention, positive comparisons, and deriving positive values from negative events.
The administration pursued a kind of defensive minimalization.
Richard Rennie describes how political action by the community and union came up against a persistent pattern of minimalization, as the government of the day was more concerned about economic consequences that would follow from recognition.
There seems to be no contradiction in this form of Judeophobia between denial or minimalization of the Holocaust, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, accusing Israel of Nazi-type atrocities.
Writing for undergraduate or graduate course reading as well as for the interested general reader, France covers measurement (seeking connections, setting the agenda, and surveying the effects), minimalization (exploring choices, establishing "enough," examining sites and engaging time), mitigation (framing sites, functioning art, fixing homescapes) and management, including providing an executive summary and master planning.
LG is beginning to focus on a form-as-function approach to flat panels guided by component minimalization, Taylor explained.
Postoperative lumbar microdiscectomy pain: minimalization by irrigation and cooling.
In such therapy sessions, the individual is confronted by "street smart" peers who cannot be easily manipulated and who can confront the child's attempts at minimalization and denial.
Therefore, the maintenance of access to the adopters and the careful consideration involved towards the levels of change on a person-by-person level will ensure a consistent focus upon the different issues that may arise and, therefore, appropriate interventions will be available to ensure the successful reduction and minimalization of the person-by-person level of concern.
If one accepts that the living system is a laser, then one can postulate that the fundamental line of development in organizing life as an electronic system was the minimalization of the effective pumping energy, which could be accomplished through both evolution of the so-called substrate, as well as of the way of pumping.
ACA officials request that anyone with information regarding the denial or the minimalization of chiropractic services in Medicare managed care plans contact the ACA.