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It is our mission to minimalize our individual impact and still provide top-quality produce, so we continually incorporate new techniques and methods whenever and wherever possible.
Often the stakeholders responsible for the creation and implementation of high stakes testing occurring in our public schools have little knowledge of the needs of students with disabilities and minimalize the impact that testing mandates will have on our children.
Stating that she did not want to minimalize the issue to mere figures of refuges, Dumery said there are several figures from different authorities but she used the figures provided by the United Nations.
The industry and individuals alike have faced stagnating growth since decades due to energy scarcity; Reon aspires to minimalize this systemic degradation and join forces with several other public and private entities to restructure the industry.
Findings of this study suggest that although journalists reach out to non-official sources to aid their reporting, journalists' adherence to longstanding, officially sanctioned problematic models remains: Coverage continues to minimalize the positions of reformist groups and its case-by-case, singular presentation persists.
Historic districts should also have guidelines explaining their key features, to minimalize confusion for owners when they perform alterations or renovations, and most importantly there should be a definitive timeline on the designation process.
With that in mind, your legal team should without fail draft legal agreements that most advantageous for you to match the likely jurisdictions where lawsuits may be filed, and minimalize the shadows cast by state law effects' on your claim to ownership of the trade secrets created in the conduct of your business.
Moore said he had not heard that Zello is popular among Islamic State fighters, but added "it's terrible that Zello is used for evil." Zello is putting "a fair amount of effort," Moore said, "into figuring out ways to minimalize the app's use by "bad guysa[bar]so that only healthy conversations can flourish."
Use of high-performance pad bearing assemblies helps to minimalize the mass of the moving elements in the space-restrictive horizontal planes.
It is important for the nurse not to minimalize the loss, but be prepared to answer the questions that the grieving parents will ask.
Through an analysis of first-person testimonials by musician Questlove, she shows just how processes of quantification minimalize the voices of Black bodies that actually suffer.