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Jamsihdi Dana who was speaking at a meeting of the NIGC maintenance technicians and engineers after visiting the various parts of Fajr-e Jam Refinery added, "Some of these firms have minimalized the level of their dependence to foreign assistance and we should take full advantage of the valuable experience they have gained.
In such containment hue shifts are rather minimalized, and the picture reproduction is conditionally stable.
Unfortunately, in recent years, many formerly comprehensive high school have discontinued or minimalized a practical arts track.
Cultural dissonance here among, say, Derrida, Morrison, and Jones, is minimalized, if not nullified, by intellectual and ethical assonance.
While this assertion will strike many readers as rather obvious given the book's context, Northern Ireland, Mitchell is writing against a stable of scholars who have either minimalized or ignored religion's import in their work on nationalism, including studies of Northern Ireland.
This construct--again as originally created--would institutionalize (that is make it the norm) the respected and valued involvement of testers and many other minimalized engineering specialists.
Two such anthologized short stories capture very different experiences of women in hockey, but both displays how the female experience has been minimalized by male dominance of the game.
By implementing a risk-based top-down approach the strain on SOX-fluent resources should be minimalized, however, this theory relies heavily on the effective introduction of compliance focused software and database management systems.
Large-scale redundancies are expected to be announced in many financial institutions and hedge funds, and year-end bonuses are expected to be abolished or minimalized.
She crosses paths with Joe Silva, the prototypical contemporary immigrant, minimalized culturally by U.
Given that robust religious energies have not willingly remained minimalized, I contend we must willingly take on the religious, and at times theological, task of engaging seriously with the exclusivist premises of these neo-maximalist dissenters.
Yet for distance education students, that experience is often minimalized because of administrative costs and a range of supervision factors.