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He then minimalizes nationalism and points out that nomadism fights idees fixes about countries and literatures.
Lewis suggests a view of development that minimalizes the potential for lasting, deterministic effects of a child's early experiences without careful consideration of the context - individual, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural - of the child at later ages.
This reductionist process forces nurses to think of nursing work solely in terms of the skills and tasks of patient care, and minimalizes the conceptual practice of nursing care.
Adapted by Martin Sherman from his acclaimed play, the film starts off with rich, decadent atmosphere but gradually, inexorably minimalizes itself down into .
Since individual liberty minimalizes political representation, while collectivity implies the fullest political representation, indirect and direct, respectively, these extremes indicate that new ethics amounts to the crisis of representation and modern law.
He names several intraecclesial obstacles: the pursuit of uniformity (cultural monocentrism), rather than unity in the midst of cultural plurality; an attitude of eurocentrism that permeates official inculturation theology and minimalizes inculturation as a two-way process; and the imposition of eurocentrism especially through the print media, television and radio.
At the same time, the curtailment of subjectivity opens up a field for understanding (and for amazement) even as the poem minimalizes agency and distorts logical explanations within its enclosed space.
This is done like the fig minimalizes apple-cause by calling it an apfig.

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