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It is the minimalizing language used to describe this process that, in combination with the following chapter on the First World War that includes a short section entitled "The forcible transfer of the Armenians" (pp.
Having a range of molecules available in the same device will allow physicians to prescribe a complete treatment regimen in the same type of device, minimalizing errors in inhalation technique, Miss Oversteegen said.
Where 'abstract' can have many somewhat different meanings depending on the context, the capitalized version, 'Abstract', is Strayer's term of art for minimalizing or reducing inessential elements of an artwork.
Julek accuses Malecki of minimalizing prewar anti-Semitism in Poland, while Anna doubts if he really knows her true self.
When you Google to ogle, you're minimalizing a person.
Undergraduates and others training in diagnostic radiography will appreciate this well-organized textbook that emphasizes maximum image quality while minimalizing the potentially harmful effects of exposure to ionizing radiation.
Although the three often contradict one another, Bebbington manages to clearly describe the importance of each, without minimalizing the differences.
Minimalizing dialogue in favor of mostly unilluminating voice-over narration from Smith, Pocahontas and, later, newly arrived Englishman John Rolfe, screenwriter Malick (who first penned the script 25 years ago) can't get inside the heads of any of his characters and fails to establish a connection for the audience.
Bruce Tripido, Sharp's director of product marketing for digital-display devices, said that the focus in television design today is maintaining the cleanest look on the front of the television by minimalizing the display.
The mainstream trickled on minimalizing and conceptualizing itself into oblivion.
Perhaps the major guideline needed is to move toward minimalizing of management hierarchies.
While Tate claims that critics seeking to redefine Southern literature must do so "[w]ithout erasing or minimalizing difference" (p.

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