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Finally, the market for minimally invasive access instrumentation will gain ground as less-invasive surgeries proliferate.
Within the European minimally invasive spinal implant spinal implant market, companies such as DePuy, Medtronic, NuVasive, Stryker and Zimmer lead the market, among others.
Within the minimally invasive spinal device market companies such as DePuy, Medtronic, NuVasive and Zimmer lead the market, among many others.
Williams states, "As minimally invasive surgery continues to grow as a surgical choice at centers throughout the world, it is important that hospitals adopt the types of advanced technologies that make this trend most clinically appropriate.
As we look forward to the anticipated launch of our minimally invasive system, we expect to increase our procedural activity in the coming months.
The Minimally Invasive EHR product portfolio from MIE includes WebChart EMR, WebChart Document Management and WebChart PACS.
For more information on the DASCOR clinical study contact Jennifer Hunter, Study Coordinator, at Arizona Institute for Minimally Invasive Spine Care at 602-944-2900.
David Apfelberg, Medical Director for Coapt Systems, "Patients who desire refinement to previous open facelifts are excellent candidates for a minimally invasive Ribbon Lift.
Complex minimally invasive surgery is growing rapidly and our agreement with Viking Systems to collaborate allows us to better serve our hospital and surgeon customers with state-of-the-art operating room technologies," said Drew Forhan, President and CEO of ForTec Medical.
Surgeons and hospitals around the world are rapidly adopting the benefits of our 3-D technology to enhance their performance in complex minimally invasive procedures," stated Stephen Heniges, Vice President, Corporate Accounts and International Business at Viking Systems.
When used with the CD HORIZON(R) SEXTANT(R) Rod Insertion System, these screws allow for the placement of rods in a minimally invasive fashion.
Using the ATRILAZE procedure, surgeons will access the heart through three minimally invasive 1cm incisions and will utilize an automated laser guide and software-driven ablation sequence, which should last 15 minutes or less.

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