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Much research has been done for the minimization of CF during last five decades, but the solution is still an open mathematical problem [1].
An example of a job that is supplied with GNCutter32 installation demonstrates the layout minimization approach.
Other statisticians have also made this often neglected point; for example Senn (2007) stated that "the factors that we considered to be important in the first place and led us to adopt minimization .
From now on all pharma companies conducting risk minimization actions on marketed drugs are required to prove their effectiveness.
A risk minimization hedging method computes an optimal dynamic trading strategy to minimize a specific measure of risk under a real world price model (e.
The dominant debate around drugs moves between two binary opposites--harm minimization and prohibition (or zero tolerance).
FDA recommends that advisory committees weigh in on whether a risk minimization action plan is appropriate for a particular drug, The Pink Sheet reports.
Its particular focus is on creating stable and efficient markets for recycled materials and products and removing the barriers to waste minimization, re-use and recycling.
The tire release agents are said to offer such advantages as excellent release properties and lubricity, as well as outstanding high-temperature resistance thanks to silicone components; minimization of the tire reject rate due to high, continuously monitored quality; time-saving, since the agents can be used directly from the original container; as solvent-free, water-based dispersions, the agents are physiologically inert and environmentally compatible; and cost-cutting due to low material consumption, according to the literature.
EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge's (RCC) voluntary National Waste Minimization Program, a national effort designed to find flexible and more protective ways to conserve valuable resources through pollution prevention, waste reduction and energy recovery activities that will improve public health and the environment.
Although repairing balance sheets is the right and responsible thing to do for individual corporations, when a large number of companies shift their priorities from profit maximization to debt minimization all at the same time, a fallacy of composition problem is created where Adam Smith's invisible hand works in the opposite direction by shrinking both the economy and the money supply.
This manuscript reveals the technology to a wider audience of instrument manufacturers and offers several practical recommendations to the measurement communiti es regarding the minimization of the biasing effects.