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The site will be developed in such a way to minimize its impact on the surrounding environment and existing infrastructure" said Alex Badalamenti, principal at Baldassano Architecture.
Proper attention can minimize the need for supplemental programs to address odor issues, filamentous bulking of the sludge and excessive TSS and foaming in the effluent.
It is this ability to efficiently rank order transport pathways to minimize mechanical wear and optimize performance that makes Serial ATA disc drives and elevators kindred technologies.
The purpose of this program announcement (PA) is to investigate acute mucosal irritation in the upper and lower respiratory tract occurring after aerosol exposure to toxic chemicals with the goals to: 1) minimize initial injury promptly, 2) retard and ameliorate progressive mucosal irritation or inflammation, and 3) offer prophylaxis against pulmonary edema, if created by acute lung injury.
Maximizing value to the warfighter comes through rapidly achieving efficient product delivery rates that minimize program cost and schedule.
Some equity mutual funds are "tax-managed" funds, which seek to minimize taxes to shareholders by maintaining a low portfolio turnover rate and considering taxes when buying and selling securities.
Cornell Cooper Brown's girlfriend's testimony during the trial differed from what she initially told police, and the expert witness described the tendency of domestic violence victims to deny or minimize allegations of abuse.
As written, the will did not seek to minimize federal estate taxes.
Bruce Johnson, Chair of the Multistate Tax Commission, to relay the Institute's growing concerns about aspects of the Commission's stance in respect of corporate activity to minimize income tax liability.
Since a reducing atmosphere within the mold cavity appears to promote lustrous carbon formation, sand additives were selected to minimize or change the mold atmosphere to one promoting oxidizing conditions.
Massing is broken d own to minimize the impact of the building on the site, and components are linked by magical naturally ventilated and lit walkways.
To minimize thermal run-out, the following procedures are recommended: