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Windows facing the north/south exposure offer optimum sunlight while a sunscreen system shades the glass to minimize heat gain.
I see every day how many paper mills neglect water treatment and management generally minimizes any capital budget related to water to unrealistic levels which are totally unrelated to the savings and advantages possible," said Len Dewhurst, director of sales, Asia region, ALGAS Fluid Technology Systems AS, Moss, Norway.
With this DMA engine programming control, the drive can select data to be transferred to minimize both seek and rotational latencies.
Examples of research topics for the NIEHS include but are not limited to the following: 1) the relationship between exposure, route of exposure, and absorbed dose to onset and magnitude of respiratory symptoms in a young, adult, and senior model; 2) cellular and molecular mechanisms of lung injury following acute chemical exposure, including induction of mucosal injury, pulmonary inflammation, acute alveolar injury, and pulmonary edema; 3) cellular and molecular mechanisms of lung tissue repair following acute chemical-induced lung injury; 4) development of postexposure strategies that prevent or minimize lung injury, including early use of antidotes; and 5) development of therapeutic strategies that promote lung tissue repair and that prevent or treat pulmonary edema.
The experimental results and the proposed mechanism of lustrous carbon formation suggest several techniques that can be employed to minimize or eliminate defects in casting operations.
Minimizing variations in these three important process parameters will minimize variations in roll separating forces, and this in turn will minimize gauge variations.
Minimize crowding: keep groups small and quiet; travel in the off-season or visit less-popular areas.
The judicious use of a microdebrider and through-cutting punches help minimize synechiae formation.
The program represents surfaces as grids of triangles, and the software computes how each of the grid's vertices moves to minimize surface energy.
Criminals frequently employ these defense mechanisms to rationalize their actions, to project blame onto someone or something else, and to minimize their crimes.
You, the investor, need to know all the tax aspects of mutual funds to make the right choices to minimize your tax obligations.