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Windows facing the north/south exposure offer optimum sunlight while a sunscreen system shades the glass to minimize heat gain.
This article reviews the discovery process in a United States patent lawsuit, explains the general rules governing the discovery process, and provides steps that a company can take before it is involved in a patent case that minimizes the risk the company faces during discovery.
When they minimize involvement in improving staff, policies, protocols and processes, they remove one of the most potent and intelligent sources of influence from the systems they depend upon--themselves.
"Proper planning and transition coverage will help minimize the risk of effluent stream upsets and permit violations," he said.
They can significantly minimize risk by adopting more sophisticated security measures, it argues.
In this case, the investigator can minimize the importance for the police and courts to apprehend and prosecute violent offenses, rather than insignificant property crimes.
Three of the five international airports we visited had built new or expanded federal inspection facilities to accommodate future growth in passenger volume and minimize wait times for internationally arriving passengers.
It is this ability to efficiently rank order transport pathways to minimize mechanical wear and optimize performance that makes Serial ATA disc drives and elevators kindred technologies.
The goals of this PA are to develop better bioprotective therapies and to minimize respiratory injury and illness.
Solar heat gain should be considerable on the east and west sides of a home because the midday summer sun is strongest, so architects provide daylight by utilizing the principles of passive solar design and intentionally minimize east and west-facing windows.
Maximizing value to the warfighter comes through rapidly achieving efficient product delivery rates that minimize program cost and schedule.
Preventing maternal infections may further minimize chronic disease and neuro-developmental disorders in offspring.