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The thickness of the drainage layer at the point where it daylights on the side of the fill should be minimized.
Part 1 Introduction to minimized cardiopulmonary bypass: Historical development of minimized cardiopulmonary bypass
Reduction in turbulence is also important in ductile applications because reoxidation reactions are minimized.
The result is increased revenue, minimized risk and dramatically reduced operating costs, which deliver improved profitability with hard return on investment.
Among these choices, I-many Validata was favored because it offered a Web-based interface that minimized network resource utilization and enabled easy access from any internet-enabled PC.
Timing margins in particular can be minimized when temperature effects are accurately taken into account.
us) announced today that new data regarding the clinical utility of its FDA-cleared, miniaturized bypass surgery technology, The Ready System(R) 200, will be presented during the 2005 annual scientific meeting of the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery (ISMICS)--in a symposium entitled: "An Overview of Minimized Cardiopulmonary Bypass Systems: Incorporating Minimized Bypass into the Cardiac Surgical Practice.
Used today by Fortune 500 companies in retail, financial services, and manufacturing, Liquid Engines' software offers significant benefits, including reduced tax risk, minimized tax liability, increased responsiveness, and decreased administrative costs.
We're confident that, in most plants, this service will pay for itself many times over through increased operator productivity, minimized process upsets, and avoided unit shutdowns.
Designed for use with Halliburton's Security DBS product service line's extended-gauge PDC or roller cone FullDrift(TM) bits, the Geo-Pilot system minimized the non-constructive bit behaviors caused by sidecutting bits.
During its FixedTiming(R) optimization phase, Blast Fusion APX automatically selects the best cell such that timing is met while power is minimized.
GMACM's excellent training programs, comprehensive policies and procedures, and highly automated environment have enabled the company to develop a knowledgeable staff and efficient servicing infrastructure, which has minimized portfolio risk and improved and refined cost efficiencies, while continuing to expand its loan servicing portfolio.