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as taboo in Yemeni) or (Jozam and saratan as aversive words in Persian)translated from (Wa eleyathu be allah(God's protection is sought), horem waladi (may God protect my child), Afana Allah (may God cure us all), Moghawareen be Allah (we are in God's affinity) euphemized by minimizers in Yemeni speech) to (Khoda nasib nakoneh, nasib nasheh, Door az jan, Khoda hameye marizha ra shafa bedeh, Panah mibarim be khoda, ghoran mohafezat koneh that euphemized by minimizers and circumlocution in Persian).
Multiplying by [lambda] and adding u on both sides yields a fixed point relation which has to be satisfied for a minimizer u and for all [lambda] [member of] R
However, to construct the exact minimizer and even a near-minimizer for the functional (2) is not a simple task and several different approaches have been suggested (see, for example, [6-9], and the book [4]).
Moreover, if s is the largest critical point, then x(s) is a global minimizer of P(x).
Density plots of the minimizer u are shown in Figs.
pq], and thus we can obtain a minimizer for the original functional.
Therefore they replaced the original functional by a sequence of so called surrogate functionals that are much easier to minimize, and showed that the associated sequence of minimizers converges toward the minimizer of (1.
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