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as taboo in Yemeni) or (Jozam and saratan as aversive words in Persian)translated from (Wa eleyathu be allah(God's protection is sought), horem waladi (may God protect my child), Afana Allah (may God cure us all), Moghawareen be Allah (we are in God's affinity) euphemized by minimizers in Yemeni speech) to (Khoda nasib nakoneh, nasib nasheh, Door az jan, Khoda hameye marizha ra shafa bedeh, Panah mibarim be khoda, ghoran mohafezat koneh that euphemized by minimizers and circumlocution in Persian).
Expression of admiration is accompanied by minimizers which causes protection from bad or evil eyes.
Expression Mohammad(O of admiration God 's prayers on Mohammad) Not using minimizer after seeing admirable things Taboo words English Persian (taboo model words) Context Pig and ass( khook(as specific taboo as swear) swear) neutral but khook as they are impurity and taboo if are uncleanness(r considered as Dog(taboo as eligious swear or swear) reason) religious sag(as swear) reason sag as impurity and uncleanness(r eligious reason) johud(swear) yahoodi(religi ous reason) Treachery and meanness Context- Koor specific Words related to physical or social defects Yecheshi -- Dardemand separation 1.
The only exception is that Minimizers report problems with navigation nearly twice as much.
The sequence of minimizers of these approximations is given by [u.
We measure the convergence of the computed minimizers to the true parameter a by considering the mean square error sequence
The result is an apparently robust method for approximating what are usually difficult minimizers to locate.
Tables 2-4 show the energy values for the minimizers shown in Figs.
The paper [45] provides classical results on the existence of minimizers, stability, and convergence for the particular approach considered here using Tikhonov regularization.
It was shown that the proposed iterative method converges towards a minimizer of the Tikhonov functional under consideration.
Therefore they replaced the original functional by a sequence of so called surrogate functionals that are much easier to minimize, and showed that the associated sequence of minimizers converges toward the minimizer of (1.
One hope is that the minimizers for Tikhonov regularization with penalty term [[PSI].