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There are steps a company can and should take to minimize the risks a company may face during discovery, before a patent case is filed.
Proper attention can minimize the need for supplemental programs to address odor issues, filamentous bulking of the sludge and excessive TSS and foaming in the effluent."
Many investors will want to minimize their current taxes and defer gain recognition to future years.
I do not think, then, in terms of describing the experience of real people, it makes sense to minimize the sense of the sacred which was common in England up until the late 17th century.
* minimizes occupational, health, safety and environmental risks;
In steam groups 1A and 1B, the paper web is subjected to sub-atmospheric steam pressures and corresponding low dryer cylinder surface temperatures to minimize picking.
Since a reducing atmosphere within the mold cavity appears to promote lustrous carbon formation, sand additives were selected to minimize or change the mold atmosphere to one promoting oxidizing conditions.
This approach minimizes contamination because the operator can physically see what he's feeding into the shredder.
Step 2--Achieve the desired asset allocation mix in a way that minimizes income and estate taxes by effectively using portfolio components.
Weidlinger Associates, a consulting engineering firm that provides total services in structural, transportation, civil engineering and advanced technology throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, has successfully reduced construction time on numerous projects utilizing the Up/Up method, which permits simultaneous construction of the below grade structure and the superstructure; Tree construction that speeds erection of structural steel by eliminating on-site welding and the Low Floor-to-Floor technique that minimizes story heights thereby adding valuable square footage without exceeding height limitations.
Hence, a soap bubble's spherical shape minimizes the bubble's surface energy.