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Minimizing the taxes on Social Security benefits centers on two basic principles: avoiding exceeding the annual earned income limits and minimizing the amounts included in provisional income.
A good part of the CM's expertise and value lies in identifying potential exposure and minimizing the owner's risk of unexpected expenditures.
Additionally, the solution must minimize data loss for a graceful recovery, keeping primary and DR center data synchronized while minimizing human intervention to reduce errors during the recovery process.
Foundrymen today are as serious about conserving power by minimizing heat loss through a refractory lining as were foundrymen during the previous energy crisis.
With this comprehensive, integrated reference flow, UMC and Magma customers can deliver high-quality results in terms of timing, area, power, signal integrity, manufacturability and reliability while minimizing the design cycle.
Minimizing business disruption is a must, since the firm is currently engaged in two very high-profile cases.
Our own manufacturing plants have a tremendous commitment to minimizing their environmental impact, and our conservation and recycling efforts have been recognized with several national awards," said Lyn Murajda, division brand manager of the Apparel and Specialty Fabrics Division at Milliken.
In addition, DRM allows tape to slow slightly, instead of coming to a complete stop, thereby minimizing damage to rollers and motors.
Simplify monitoring and troubleshooting, while minimizing the need for additional network administrators to address maintenance challenges.
NetEx, the worldwide leader in high performance data transport solutions, announced that its HyperSHIELD(TM), an affordable replication 'Data in Motion' system for use with existing IP networks that moves and encrypts data over wide area networks at up to OC12 speeds, was named an "excellent example of a solution" that addresses companies' needs for minimizing WAN expenditures while delivering tightly integrated data encryption services by analyst firm IDC in a recently published Product Flash (Source: IDC, NetEx Delivers HyperSHIELD: Data Replication Optimization and Encryption Simplicity, Doc #34441, Nov.
Minimizing the number of screens a user must click through to access needed information was a key part of the customization process and greatly increased ease of use and convenience for customers.