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We intend to harvest these savings by minimizing consumption of depleteable energy resources while maximizing the quality of the indoor environment.
The quantitative analysis will, in turn, provide decision support in maximizing the benefits of LRIP while minimizing program schedule and cost impacts.
Minimizing words can indicate increased separation from an individual's actions.
The new MediaHawk is designed to operate optimally in both a distributed network architecture, minimizing network transport infrastructure requirements and system costs, and a centralized network architecture, minimizing physical space requirements and incremental facility costs.
I usually have a half-dozen applications open at any one time and there are times I want to clear my desktop by minimizing the apps.
By limiting campsites, minimizing litter, and avoiding campfires, it was hoped a finite wilderness system could accommodate an ever-growing numbers of visitors.
Here you can choose which shares you elect to sell, so you can select the shares with the highest cost basis and realize the largest tax loss or the smallest gain possible, once again minimizing your tax bill.
By minimizing taxable distributions to shareholders and maintaining an extraordinarily low expense ratio, Vanguard Tax-Managed Fund seeks to mute the truly confiscatory effect of taxes and costs.
Mixing should be in a gentle rolling motion, minimizing splash and air entrainment.
While Attends products alone do not prevent the occurrence of pressure sores, they do effectively limit moisture (urine) contact with the skin, thus minimizing a key contribution to pressure-sore development.
By transforming existing wireline and wireless networks to carry flexible packet-based Ethernet as well as TDM services, Ceterus products enable service providers and enterprises to deliver these high-bandwidth, high-QoS managed services to every location, using existing OAM&P procedures, while minimizing access cost and capital expense.
Minimizing downtime is potentially the most critical IT activity.