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Annual throughputs of 175 million pounds per year are possible with a 300 kW, 5 MeV accelerator, assuming a minimum dose of 1.
As expected, reduction of LH cause releasing progesterone so releasing of progesterone hormone in treatment group with minimum dose of black seed extract in this research, can be affected of negative feedback of progesterone on the pituitary and secretion of LH.
The dose could not be reduced any further since the dose interval itself was 5 mg and hence this was the minimum dose possible in this group.
This research shows that phytosanitary irradiation at an absorbed minimum dose of 100 Gy provides quarantine security against Mediterranean fruit fly to the highest degree demanded of a commercial phytosanitary treatment, [ED.
Because there was no significant difference in effects between the two doses of quetiapine, it's unclear what the minimum dose should be, he added.
We need to find the minimum dose to get the best effect in most people.
Twelve patients are expected to participate in the clinical study to test the safety of AGTC-0106 with a secondary goal of determining the minimum dose required to achieve effective levels of AAT in the blood.
If you are at high risk of thrombosis, your doctor will prescribe Hizentra at the minimum dose and infusion rate practicable and will monitor you for signs of thrombosis and hyperviscosity.
The increment dose is the minimum dose the product can receive.
The next NCEP guidelines probably will adopt a different approach: using a minimum dose of statin equivalent to 40 mg/day of simvastatin in all patients having any evidence of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or a coronary heart disease (CHD) risk equivalent.
Researchers found the treatment was beneficial in the short-term for the relief of menopausal symptoms which include hot flushes and night sweats but the minimum dose should be used for the shortest time.
Results demonstrated the minimum dose required to treat post-operative pain in these patients.

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