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To cure the OARs, minimum dose should be delivered to the rectum and bladder.
Effect of setup error higher than 3 mm on minimum dose of target regions had statistically significant difference.
Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)] formulation, a minimum dose, and must be taken continuously.
A minimum dose of clonidine added to mepivacaine prolongs duration analgesia after brachial plexus block.
Existing omega-3 phospholipid products do not comply with the expert-recommended minimum dose of 500 mg of EPA and DHA per serving," said Joar Opheim, Nordic Naturals CEO and founder.
If a minimum dose of the substance is required to produce an effect, that is called a threshold.
We want to believe that after six years of joint rule with VMRO-DPMNE we managed to build the minimum dose of trust because we did not build our policies on the basis of obstinacies which could cause a possible government crisis.
Abstract: The object of this study was to establish a minimum dose of ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation capable of producing an erythemal reaction in budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus), to determine a threshold dose of UVB for vitamin D photoconversion, and to investigate the use of safer UVB wavelengths.
Anyone taking a statin drug must take a minimum dose of 200 mg of a C0Q10 supplement daily in divided doses.
This pilot study was initiated to explore the potential utility of LMS as a colon cancer prevention agent and to define the minimum dose at which it retains potentially beneficial effects on the immune system.
05) than the control group and progesterone in the experimental group increased minimum dose and maximum dose group showed a significant decrease compared to controls.

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