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Second, all muscle actuators corresponding to principal muscle abductors gluteus medius and minimus (6 actuators) were strengthened by doubling their respective maximum isometric force.
Although the majority of their patients reside in Northern and Central California, in the last five years, Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers (home of Minimus Institute), has become a national center attracting patients from 47 states and 10 countries seeking the most advanced minimally invasive surgery.
Minimus Spine's president and CEO said, "Jeff brings a wealth of intellect and experience to Minimus.
Access to the peritrochanteric space affords the surgeon with access to pathology associated with the greater trochanter, iliotibial band, trochanteric bursa, sciatic nerve, short external-rotators, iliopsoas tendon, and the gluteus medius and minimus tendon attachments.
The short external rotators became sequentially involved, with initial inflammation of piriformis and the obturator-gemelli complex and progression to gluteus medius and minimus, 6 weeks later.
We presented a case with staphylococcal pyomyositis of the iliacus muscle and gluteal minimus muscle in a 23-year-old male complicated with septic pulmonary embolism and septic shock.
minimus were collected from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia and cultured on plant growth regulator-free MS (Murashige and Skoog, 1962) media to produce aseptic seedlings of this species.
Furthermore, any personal use of the employee cellphone will now be regarded as a de minimus fringe benefit.
Anopheles minimus was recorded in this district after a period of about 45 years of launching the malaria eradication programme (1).
No entanto, informacoes sobre a predacao de marsupiais por aves de rapina sao raras (Pardinas e Cirignoli, 2002) e desconhece-se qualquer mencao sobre Chironectes minimus (Zimmermann, 1780) como item na alimentacao de aves de rapina.
The bill would also raise the de minimus threshold for a loan to be considered a member business loan and exempt loans made to nonprofit religious organizations as well as in qualified underserved areas.
Contrary to the common belief that Anopheles minimus had disappeared implicating the role of An.