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Done under the direction of a supervisor; not involving discretion or policymaking.

Ministerial describes an act or a function that conforms to an instruction or a prescribed procedure. It connotes obedience. A ministerial act or duty is a function performed without the use of judgment by the person performing the act or duty.


adjective administrative, agential, attending, auxiliary, bureaucratic, effectual, helpful, helping, implemental, instrumental, intermediary, intermediate, intervening, managing, officiating, operative, practical, serviceable, useful
Associated concepts: ministerial act, ministerial duty, minisserial officer

MINISTERIAL. That which is done under the authority of a superior; opposed to judicial; as, the sheriff is a ministerial officer bound to obey the judicial commands of the court.
     2. When an officer acts in both a judicial and ministerial capacity, he may be compelled to perform ministerial acts in a particular way; but when he acts in a judicial capacity, he can only be required to proceed; the manner of doing so is left entirely to his judgment. See 2 Fairf. 377; Bac. Ab. Justices of the Peace, E; 1 Conn. 295; 3 Conn. 107; 9 Conn. 275; 12 Conn. 464; also Judicial; Mandamus; Sheriff.

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Ministerial Conference is the topmost decision-making body of the WTO which usually meets every two years and brings together all members of the WTO, said a statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce here Thursday.
The ministerial meeting will discuss Johannesburg Declaration and joint work plan on consolidation to the Chinese - African relations which were approved Wednesday at the level of senior officials.
Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as President of the Ministerial Meeting, and Alternate President from the State of Libya.
Root Cause was much more than an off-the-cuff organizing drive that started when the Miami ministerial meetings were announced.
USTR, which is responsible for co-chairing the Free Trade Area of the Americas negotiations and hosting the November 2003 ministerial meeting, faces challenges to its readiness to assume these responsibilities.
Various cases and revenue rulings have held that if all events have occurred, except ministerial documentation, then the all--events test will be considered satisfied.
Kumgang near its eastern coast as the site for working-level talks in early August to discuss the agenda and schedule for the seventh ministerial meeting to be held in Seoul.
European Farm Commissioner Franz Fischler said Thursday that the World Trade Organization (WTO) should hold ''mini-ministerial meetings'' before its fifth ministerial meeting in Mexico in September 2003 to help bridge the gaps, particularly on agriculture trade, among member states.
While this subject is troubling and distasteful to all of us, basic information about sexual misconduct in the ministerial setting is needed in order to protect the vulnerable and assure the integrity of ministerial relationships,'' Mahony wrote.
This failure proved critical when the Clinton administration decided to host a ministerial meeting of the WTO in the United States to kick off a new round of multinational trade liberalization.
On the contrary, the whole parish must be continually "challenged" and conditioned to accept a "major reorientation in [their] thinking about ministry as well as in ministerial practice".

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