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Done under the direction of a supervisor; not involving discretion or policymaking.

Ministerial describes an act or a function that conforms to an instruction or a prescribed procedure. It connotes obedience. A ministerial act or duty is a function performed without the use of judgment by the person performing the act or duty.


adjective administrative, agential, attending, auxiliary, bureaucratic, effectual, helpful, helping, implemental, instrumental, intermediary, intermediate, intervening, managing, officiating, operative, practical, serviceable, useful
Associated concepts: ministerial act, ministerial duty, minisserial officer

MINISTERIAL. That which is done under the authority of a superior; opposed to judicial; as, the sheriff is a ministerial officer bound to obey the judicial commands of the court.
     2. When an officer acts in both a judicial and ministerial capacity, he may be compelled to perform ministerial acts in a particular way; but when he acts in a judicial capacity, he can only be required to proceed; the manner of doing so is left entirely to his judgment. See 2 Fairf. 377; Bac. Ab. Justices of the Peace, E; 1 Conn. 295; 3 Conn. 107; 9 Conn. 275; 12 Conn. 464; also Judicial; Mandamus; Sheriff.

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Frequent Petitions are presented for summary hearings respecting Penalties & Forfeitures under the Revenue & Excise Laws, & Statements of Facts thereon add much to the increase of business to the judges, in matters too, not strictly within the line of their Judicial functions, as they in such cases only act ministerially.
As a result, DIAC and other departments have traditionally prepared budget documents and annual reports by reference to ministerially approved objectives and performance measurements rather than criteria set by Parliament.
Within days he proceeded not only to upset the Americans - possibly his intended role - but also to patronise his younger but ministerially senior Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, and throw London-Washington relations into a state of confusion.
I don't mean just within my community, I've had opportunities in my life ministerially as well as communally to absolutely be bowled over by how God works.
The closed entry system for higher civil service posts was replaced by an open system, and a number of functions were "hived off" from the departments and assigned to new executive agencies headed by ministerially selected chief executives.
33) It was the King, however, who was making deals with the French; Danby was merely acting ministerially.
The disappearance of many of these institutions, such as Catholic schools, left religious women "not just economically jobless but ministerially 'homeless,'" Schneiders said.
48) Sadly, today the views of increasingly educated and ministerially active Catholics may not be sought because their independence, realism, and progressiveness are feared (sometimes they are unjustly labeled as ephemeral or corrupt).
The church that has entered the 21st century and the third Christian millennium is a church in which an increasing number of its members, lay-women and laymen alike, are ministerially involved.
33) Logical mediation yields the conclusion of the teaching that women cannot be priests because as females they could not act ministerially in persona Christi since the savior was a male.
Of course the church is multicultural, and everything that it does pastorally and ministerially must reflect and promote that reality.
It ought to be replaced by a much smaller secretariat staffed by competent Catholics who actually represent the broader church, rather than the narrowly scholastic, ministerially inexperienced and unrepresentative staff of the contemporary Vatican.

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