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The minister himself was rather a favorite in the town.
Well," said Shelby, "I must say these ministers sometimes carry matters further than we poor sinners would exactly dare to do.
As she lifted her head the minister looked directly at her and said, "Will our young sister close the service by leading us in prayer?
Very often the chief ministers themselves are commanded to show their skill, and to convince the emperor that they have not lost their faculty.
And he turned over the pages of the memorandum-book until he came to the clause specifying the days on which certain private boxes were to be reserved for the free use of the president of the republic, the ministers and so on.
For the last ten months my ministers have redoubled their vigilance, in order to watch the shore of the Mediterranean.
Possibly there are some who believe it," said Grandfather; "but they have not so much power to act upon their belief as the magistrates and ministers had in the days of Roger Williams.
There was a time," replied Athos, "when I occupied myself with the importance of prime ministers, but I have formed, long ago, a resolution to treat no longer with any but the king.
Nevertheless, he accepted Prime Ministers as he accepted railway trains--as part of a system which he, at least, was not the revolutionist sent on earth to destroy.
It was the Palace of Peace in which were housed the representatives of the foreign powers, or rather in which were located their embassies; for the ministers themselves dwelt in gorgeous palaces within the district occupied by the nobles.
Cabinet Ministers don't come here for nothing, and this one happens to be a friend of Sir Alfred's.
He continued friends with fallen ministers and made himself their intermediary with their successors, diffusing thus the perfume of the last flattery and the first compliment.

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