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Legislative actions concerning the ministrant functions of government Wilson termed "ordinance-making," which "lies closer to fact, to practical conditions and detail, than does a law.
He argued that local government should have primary responsibility for the conduct of administration (that is, the ministrant functions of government).
One might assume that the constituent functions of government would be the proper domain for apolitical administrators, while the more controversial ministrant functions would be the realm of political leadership, but Wilson asserted just the opposite.
Nevertheless, the priorities to be given to various ministrant functions, and even the methods of undertaking them, are enormously controversial and highly political topics.
The ministrants wanted to take the explosives to the provincial capital, Herat city, by the three-wheeler for disruptive activities, the police official said, adding drivers of the rickshaw and the bus were detained in connection with the case.
The ministrants looked gravely on, the little angels looped in the air above a gravely triumphant festoon, the lion slept at the saint's feet, and through the arch beyond, the eye traveled out over a quiet country of dark trees and hills.
Zevit envisions the Deuteronomistic Historian as "an opinionated, bookish person," who was not concerned with the "social, military, or economic policies per se" of "malfeasant monarchs," but rather with policies concerning the "centrality of the Jerusalem temple" as the legitimate locale for "Yahwistic ministrants and appurtenances" (p.

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