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The proposal to slash ministries was made at a policy meeting on Wednesday, and publicised yesterday by GDP Secretary-General Sam Inn, who said the move would also help to decentralise powers, long a government priority, but one in which progress has lagged.
Finance ministry has been ramified into three separate ministries, as two other ministries of privatization and statistics have been set up in addition to the finance ministry.
Muscat: Amid the slump in oil prices, and the Sultanate in the midst of an economic downturn, a special committee at the Shura Council recommended that a number of ministries and government institutions be merged to save money.
The committee's members include officials from the National Security Organization, the Political Security Organization, the ministries of Interior Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Education Ministry, the Social Affairs Ministry, the Information Ministry, the Public Health Ministry, the Endowments and Guidance Ministry, the Human Rights Ministry and Foreign Ministry.
The Serbian government adopted the Bill amending the Law on Ministries, under which it will comprise 18 ministries.
Ministries unchanged in the restructuring include justice, defence and veteran affairs, foreign affairs and international cooperation, national security, a ministry in the office of the president, vice president office, health among others.
By the end of February, Bulgarian ministries owed a total of BGN 108.
The Park Geun-hye administration has reorganized the government structure, creating two new ministries and renaming several others.
The training kit included topics pertaining to introducing the Equal Opportunities Units (EOUs), the concept of assimilation of women's needs in development, invitation skills, garnering support aimed to pave the way for EOUs to function in the various governmental ministries and departments.
The number of ministries, and departments working under them, has expanded a great deal in the past two decades.
During the meeting members showed their concerns over the bifurcation of ministry of industries and production into two separate ministries and termed it an extra burden on the national exchequer.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Guardian Council, a powerful vetting body which is tasked with studying and endorsing compliance of parliament approvals with Islamic laws and the Constitution, opposed merger of three ministries as an unconstitutional act.

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