minor amount

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163/2006, of 2% (two percent) with the reference the Lot of greater amount to which loans, we intend to participate, to indicate in the policy along with other minor amount (allowed Also the presentation of more guarantees, one for each lot for which you wish to attend).
Only a minor amount of maintenance is needed, such as topping up the batteries with de-ionised water and replacing the oil and fuel filters on the generator - and the current owners are producing a Curlew Sike manual to explain this and provide details of helpful contacts.
In the Russian market yet again some lethargy: the history of Cyprus and added data from the Ministry of Economic Development in respect of capital flight from Russia in February, which was at the level of $ 6 billion if in January it was at $ 10 billion, 2 months - it is $ 16 billion, while for the whole year 2012 was an outflow of more than $ 50 billion here and a minor amount of long-term purchases.
So from a small, relatively minor amount of flooding, disastrous and costly knock-on effects can be caused.
FIGURE 1 shows an aperture with a minor amount of paste held between prints, but also contamination under the stencil on the board contact side.
Why don't they realise that their sons have killed someone's son, father, brother, who earned a minor amount and shared it happily with his family, only to these criminals to destroy his dreams and wishes?
The minor amount of DNA found belonged to Brian Lewis.
Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings with a minor amount of curtainwall failures.
Charles said he remains "cautiously optimistic" Pearce can find a solution to a drainage problem that surfaced just before the Oak Tree meet in September after a minor amount of rainfall.
Whitehead's lawyer said that he was a big man who had had a relatively minor amount to drink before the latest incident outside the club and he did not accept that drink was at the root of his problems.
The tinting paste is comprised of at least one pigment selected from the group consisting of color pigments and effect pigments, a water-dilutable (meth)acrylate copolymer, a minor amount of an alkylene glycol, and at least one member selected from the group consisting of phyllosilicate-based thickeners and polyurethane-based thickeners, to give the powder slurry of the particular shade.
A minor amount of straightening was allowed by the operator.