minor amount

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A P100,000 cash gift is not a minor amount for government officials and employees to receive without violating anti-graft laws in the country, Senator Panfilo Lacson said Tuesday, refuting the pronouncement of the government's anti-corruption commission official.
AFTER a long struggle by PIA's Retired Employees Association, the management has finally increased by a minor amount the already minor amount of pension for its retired employees.
A minor amount of Wartsila shares will remain in the company's ownership following the distribution.
The counsel for the petitioner said that it was a minor amount as big cases were pending before NAB.
However, currently just one in seven households who experience issues receive refunds - and even then, its just a minor amount.
Most fruits are comprised of water (85 to 95%), sugars, fiber, and minor amount of vitamins and minerals.
The minerals present in the Kawagarh Formation are mainly calcite and dolomite with minor amount of quartz, aragonite, kaolinite and muscovite.
The incident on Tuesday was caused by an electrical short circuit and caused a minor amount of heat damage and some smoke damage.
- demolition work trapezoidal sheet metal (about 600 m 2 ), - scaffolding work (about 1 500 m 2 ), - clinker slab facade (about 980 m 2 ), - rear wall cladding (about 280 m 2 ), - minor amount of thermal insulation (150 m 2 ), - paneling, Attic covers.
There was a minor amount of platform refurbishment but basically the railway infrastructure serving the passenger was left unchanged and the money went on the Grand Central commercial edifice.
This results in VAT only being levied at the standard rate on a minor amount of the real cost price of the craft once the yacht has finally been bought, the rest being taxed as the supply of a service and at a greatly reduced rate.