minor amount

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also included is site work required for the new addition which includes civil work at the storm drain and a minor amount of paving.
Within Link's existing financial resources, we have the ability to add a very minor amount of service, perhaps an hour or two to most routes operating Monday Friday, or a bit more if those improvements were focused just on Saturday service.
Within 12 weeks of industrial composting, a minor amount of capsule material is left owing to efficient decomposition.
In the lower part ofthe succession, fine grained sandstone alternates with units ofsilty mudstone and a minor amount of shale.
She said the government should charge only minor amount of instalments for house building advance for the employees and should increase payment period of instalments.
We have developed a community-based fund collection system whereby residents contribute a very minor amount every month towards the fund which is provided to the family of the person who dies here, he said.
Dangerous Thought showed a minor amount of promise on his racecourse debut and can build on that in the 32Red.
The feedstock will include "a minor amount of coal" for fluidised bed solids and flame stabilisation.
The feedstock will include a[euro]oea minor amount of coala[euro] for fluidised bed solids and flame stabilisation.
Only a minor amount of maintenance is needed, such as topping up the batteries with de-ionised water and replacing the oil and fuel filters on the generator - and the current owners are producing a Curlew Sike manual to explain this and provide details of helpful contacts.
FIGURE 1 shows an aperture with a minor amount of paste held between prints, but also contamination under the stencil on the board contact side.
Why don't they realise that their sons have killed someone's son, father, brother, who earned a minor amount and shared it happily with his family, only to these criminals to destroy his dreams and wishes?