minor point

References in classic literature ?
Tulkinghorn," returns Sir Leicester, "there can be no minor point between myself and Mr.
As a minor point it may be noted," he continued, fingering the rope, "that our wooden-legged friend, though a fair climber, was not a professional sailor.
And of course this is all quite a minor point compared to the question of who killed John Straker.
I pass over minor points of evidence on both sides to save time, and I ask you, if this case were to go now into a court of law--to go before a jury, bound to take facts as they reasonably appear--where are your proofs?
There are one or two minor points which were brought out in the inquest, and which are worth considering.
However, it was a minor point in a dazzling production with a Jersey Boys Theatre Royal, Glasgow09.
That minor point notwithstanding, I cannot recommend this book highly enough to instructors--especially of Christian ethics--on the undergraduate level and to facilitators of parish reading groups.
Her expertise is called upon, and she quickly realizes that there is a lot at stake when others stand to gain, from what at first glance, appears to be a minor point of law, long forgotten.
Despite this minor point, the book will undoubtedly benefit popular and scholarly audiences alike.
And if it was amended and sent to the president, it would be tantamount to accepting the referral, in principle, but this is a minor point.
A minor point to a normal professional footballer recovering from a run-of-themill injury but this was after two years and 10 days, a sentence which must have appeared to Ryan longer than those received by the Great Train Robbers