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If the minority does not accept them, then they will become independent,' he added.
3) In order to protect the educational rights of minorities the Government has constituted a Commission called "The National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions" in 2004.
said the need for minority teachers has been perennial.
Renewal of the VRA is not a minority issue but an issue for all who care deeply about preserving American democracy and ensuring equal access to the electoral process.
In the words of the minority, social morality, which is inherent in indecency offences, must still be allowed to play a role in all situations where it is relevant.
Existing approaches to cultural sensitivity can readily be extended to sexual minority populations.
Schools alone lack the necessary resources to address the large number of obstacles to learning that many minority and poor students in urban schools confront on a daily basis.
In 1997, the program was opened to all students but remained focused on the needs of underrepresented minority students and the health issues of some minority groups.
Lucrative as these contracts have been, gay- and lesbian-owned businesses are not eligible for them because gay people are not considered a minority by either agency.
Minority females account for just 12 percent of all workers in which of the job categories shown?
Beginning in September 2001, NCCAM-NIH funded two minority clinical research training grants in CAM--one at Morgan State University, in Baltimore, Maryland; the other at Florida International University.

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