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Released in 2010, this coin has a mintage of 2,635,000, much higher than Edinburgh and Cardiff but low in comparison to other PS1 coins.
They registered name, epithets, date and place of mintage or names' the twelve Imams or several people of Imams on coins.
Even in low mintage issues, there are considerable differences in coin condition that warrant grading to differentiate them.
FO-228-2203) a total mintage of 146,129 half rupees is recorded in 1907/ 09 and 133,540 quarter rupees in 1909/10.
The collector proof and un-circulated silver coins have a maximum mintage of 350,000.
23 for the year 2002 allowed mintage of new currency of fifty pounds category in the form of metal.
When I asked if the Mint would strike them now, he agreed, but only if I would purchase the entire mintage.
Mintage Waugh, certainly, but the reperussions for his friend when he read these barbs, and realized that the English literary world was reading them as well, cannot have been pleasant--not least because after bits of the Diaries first appeared, he himself in his memoir of Nancy Mitford had referred to certain excerpts that surprised him, and then posed a rhetorical question, which the next year and to his public embarrassment he found answered: 'What posthumous teases and shocks were; till in store for Evelyn's friends?
Updated with the latest mintage figures, rarity rankings, information about significant pieces known and auction records, Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint 1838-1861 is not only a "must-have" for serious collectors, but the perfect treasury for "armchair collectors" who love to look at and learn about rare coins, but don't want to spend a fortune to own them.
African gold was also the main source for the mintage of Dutch gold coin in the 17th century, helping Amsterdam to become the financial capital of Europe in that period.