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Similarly, the survey found the index for pretax profit in all sectors except financial, insurance and real estate firms improved to minus 8 in the April-June quarter from a revised minus 12 in the preceding quarter.
Net agreement was +17 in the Visayas (43 percent agree minus 26 percent disagree), and +14 percent in Mindanao (44 percent agree minus 29 percent disagree, correctly rounded).
The index for major manufacturers worsened to minus 6.
The results of the same June survey already released last week showed President Aquino's net satisfaction rating recovering to +30 (57 percent satisfied minus 27 percent dissatisfied) from a record low +11 (47 percent satisfied minus 36 percent dissatisfied).
The reading for companies capitalized between 300 million yen and 1 billion yen improved to minus 6 from minus 7 and that for companies capitalized at 300 million yen or less rose to minus 9 from minus 17.
Net economic optimism scores of plus 10 and above are considered "very high"; plus 1 to plus 9, "high"; minus 9 to zero, "fair"; minus 19 to minus 10, "mediocre"; minus 29 to minus 20, "low"; and minus 30 and below, "very low.
By industrial sector, the corresponding DI for construction companies was minus 22, an improvement from August's minus 27, that for manufacturers was minus 12, up from minus 17, with that for wholesalers, retailers and restaurants improving to minus 6 from minus 9.