minute application

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The company said Resultz is a commercial-stage, best-in-class, clinically proven, safe, non-pesticide, over-the-counter (OTC), five minute application time treatment for head lice.
To start the process complete the 5 minute application then a member of Jane's staff will contact you to schedule your 15 minute telephone interview.
Kocyigit et al8 found similar results with 30-second, 1-minute, and 2- minute applications of NAOH, but less postoperative pain and drainage was the advantages of the 1-minute application.
Making a last minute application at BLS International passport and visa services, Indian national Bhoominathan said that he has no plans of coming back to the UAE.
A LAST minute application to have a landmark Merseyside building listed has saved it from demolition - at least temporarily.
Following execution of a letter agreement between the hospital and RRI, it made a last minute application on behalf of the hospital to reinstate the more favorable Fort Pierce area wage index.
A vertical specimen of the finished cable shall not convey flame along its length, and it shall not convey flame to combustible materials in its vicinity during, between or after one minute application of a standard test flame.
A non-unionized employee who senses or is aware of an impending termination may make a last minute application for membership in a union.
As we reported in June, the last minute application was another blow to the already severely delayed Tesco plan to build a large supermarket, but Clr Steve Webber, a leader of the village green bid, denied the council's third attempt at securing the status was a move to block Tesco or help keep the show.
The patented film-forming solution provides the efficacy of a five minute scrub followed by a paint in a two minute application and resists wash-off even after encountering blood or saline.
High bond strengths are achieved with only minute application levels of Polaqua 73F, according to the company.