minute application

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5 per cent success rate, following the observation period of 14 days after a single 10 minute application, company added.
Making a last minute application at BLS International passport and visa services, Indian national Bhoominathan said that he has no plans of coming back to the UAE.
8220;In order to deliver the quickest possible methods to obtaining directly paid short term loans into bank accounts, consumers are required to share a limited amount of personal information in our 3 minute application form.
A LAST minute application to have a landmark Merseyside building listed has saved it from demolition - at least temporarily.
Following execution of a letter agreement between the hospital and RRI, it made a last minute application on behalf of the hospital to reinstate the more favorable Fort Pierce area wage index.
A non-unionized employee who senses or is aware of an impending termination may make a last minute application for membership in a union.
As we reported in June, the last minute application was another blow to the already severely delayed Tesco plan to build a large supermarket, but Clr Steve Webber, a leader of the village green bid, denied the council's third attempt at securing the status was a move to block Tesco or help keep the show.
High bond strengths are achieved with only minute application levels of Polaqua 73F, according to the company.
Despite the refusal by the High Court to grant the Government leave to appeal and calls from the industry to accept the decision to reinstate some certainty in the solar market, the Government last week lodged a last minute application seeking leave to appeal in the Court of Appeal.
GranTox was clinically proven in a cosmetic cream to gently improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by more than 50% in all 15 panelists after just one 10 minute application.
LIVERPOOL Angling Society made a last minute application to compete in the Wirral Winter League but they were not slow when it came to fishing, winning the opening round on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.
The studies were designed to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of a single ten minute application of Xeglyze Lotion compared to a vehicle lotion, when applied to the scalp and hair.