minute attention

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This kind of work required on the part of the workmen extreme nicety and minute attention.
The construction of a fable involves a minute attention to (1) the narration itself; (2) the deduction of the moral; and (3) a careful maintenance of the individual characteristics of the fictitious personages introduced into it.
She had waited to open her lips until she had eyed her conquered victim all over, with disdainfully minute attention, from head to foot
Next, the old lady scanned Polina, from head to foot with minute attention.
From this he took a paper, and returning to his seat he flattened it out beside the taper on the edge of the table, and began to study it with minute attention.
Let it be, then, our present occupation to inquire and endeavor to ascertain the causes first put in operation at the period of our commemoration, and already productive of such magnificent effects; to examine with reiterated care and minute attention the characters of those men who gave the first impulse to a new series of events in the history of the world; to applaud and emulate those qualities of their minds which we shall find deserving of our admiration; to recognize with candor those features which forbid approbation or even require censure, and, finally, to lay alike their frailties and their perfections to our own hearts, either as warning or as example.
At length he approached the huge trunk, walked slowly around it, and examined it with minute attention.
Certain obstacles require such minute attention that the number of times you die at these points can become a bit irritating.
With its fashion forward silhouettes, exquisite craftsmanship and minute attention to detail, the Hira Ali bride exudes a perceptible aura of confidence an ode, perhaps, to having broken the mould, many times over.
His diet kept him light and agile and he paid minute attention to whatever he was eating.
Dalloway and Judy Blume's Forever) is meant for sophisticated readers who will appreciate its various textual subtleties, minute attention to detail, and sophisticated sexual symbols and scenes which are explicit yet celebratory, serving to provide important contrasts between unhealthy and loving relationships.
The strength of Vickers's interpretation lies in his minute attention to the people in the play- and printing-houses who necessarily participated in the transmission of Shakespeare's play into performance and print and to the crafts they practised and the exigencies they faced--all those people who were effectively reduced to non-entities by subscribers to the revision hypothesis.