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When you open your newspaper in the morning, the actual sensations of seeing the print form a very minute part of what goes on in you, but they are the starting-point of all the rest, and it is through them that the newspaper is a means of information or mis-information.
Moreover, she liked young women, for she had taught many of them, and having received so much hospitality from the Ambroses she was glad to be able to repay a minute part of it.
As, in an inquiry into every other subject, it is necessary to separate the different parts of which it is compounded, till we arrive at their first elements, which are the most minute parts thereof; so by the same proceeding we shall acquire a knowledge of the primary parts of a city and see wherein they differ from each other, and whether the rules of art will give us any assistance in examining into each of these things which are mentioned.
IMAGINE trying to test the memory of the blue whale--the biggest animal that exists or has ever existed, a 190-ton behemoth that dwarfs even the largest dinosaur, a leviathan that is rarely seen except when it comes up for air and a minute part of its 110-foot-long body breaks the surface and slowly crests for what seems like an eternity.
The foreign banks work to feed their local economies, leaving the country with just a minute part of their earnings in the form of taxes and other insignificant levies.
SENSE OF PURPOSE: "I do my best whether it is a role of a 20 minute part and ensemble or a lead," says the actress.
India, he said, has hijacked the agenda of the talks and relegated the issue of Kashmir as a minute part of the dialogue.
My next summer, this summer, would be spent on a journey to find this near-extinct bundle of feathers in a minute part of the Vietnamese highlands in Southeast Asia.
In principle all human sciences are nothing more than a partial knowledge of a minute part of the secrets and laws of the universe.
Finally, we get to show for even just a minute part of our cuisine, a wish I had four years ago after seeing Peru and Singapore do it in 2011.
I'm proud to play a minute part in Godiva, sitting on the advisory panel, and suggesting certain artists.
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