minute quantity

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But now her spirit resembled, in its potency, a minute quantity of ottar of rose in one of Hepzibah's huge, iron-bound trunks, diffusing its fragrance through the various articles of linen and wrought-lace, kerchiefs, caps, stockings, folded dresses, gloves, and whatever else was treasured there.
Contract awarded for M warehouse yacht division lead engine purchase and replacement minute quantity quotation notice
Considering the minute quantity of feces recovered from arenas without food (Fig.
A post mortem could find no physical reason for Zoe's death, and tests revealed only a minute quantity of alcohol in her blood.
Dr Al Mousawi said a very minute quantity that may go in cannot 'intoxicate' a child.
Since it's a minute quantity that was found in my urine, a mere trace which, I have since founds out represents 10 times less than a line of cocaine, everything is possible.
The theory is a minute quantity will stimulate the body's own healing powers without side effects.
The PCR reagents, from the Taq polymerase (of bacterial origin) to water, contain sufficient, despite minute quantity, bacterial DNA to be amplified (4).
Topping the treatment popularity charts at the moment is Botox, when a minute quantity of botulinum toxin is injected to paralyse the muscles, so you can no longer frown or squint.
For example, someone with eczema may be given a remedy that contains a minute quantity of petroleum.
With such a procedure, there is always a possibility that a minute quantity of genetically-modified material in a product will give a positive result, making it necessary to state the presence of GMOs in a great number of cases.
The absurdity of the situation was that, given the minute quantity of benzene in the contaminated supplies, one would have to have drunk many gallons of the stuff every day for years for it to have even a potential hazard.