minute study

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The balance sheet of the insured need minute study, scrutiny and assessment with the view determining the exact profit making potential of the firm, if the firm is not making any profit the cover is declined.
We believe that decisions should be taken after thorough consideration and minute study of all relevant issues and props and cons.
c) Area under the curve (AUC): Best marker of platelet aggregation, expressed as AU x minute Study design: Four test cells for each patient were prepared and process was carried aout for each cell in a sequential manner.
And a minute study of the terror outfits operating around the globe reveals that they are surreptitiously used by intelligence agencies as a pawn in their strategic armory.
In contrast, ingestion of leucine + glycine alone resulted in an increase, but a return to baseline by the end of the 150 minute study period.
the motion study followed by a minute study with a stop-watch
Teenagers who checked social networks at least once during a 15 minute study period, achieved lower grades.
Whether or not in the future faults will be detected in these texts, the quality of Aquilecchia's work as the foremost authority on Bruno's Italian dialogues, based as it is on a passionate and minute study of the work of his predecessors as well as a profound knowledge of Italian Renaissance linguistic and literary modes, is beyond question, and deserves to be fully recognized by all Bruno scholars.
Apart from evidence that he has only left his bunker two or three times since the air war started, Western experts have been making a minute study of the Yugoslav president's interview on American TV last week.
Much of their lobby involves minute study of the mundane details of decidedly unsexy legislation.
The Encyclopedia also offers detailed information on textual and biographical issues, including a very minute study of Kilcolman Castle which demonstrates to the curious the location of Spenser's privy.