minute thought

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She endeavoured to believe that the delay of the marriage was the only source of Isabella's regret; and when she saw her at their next interview as cheerful and amiable as ever, endeavoured to forget that she had for a minute thought otherwise.
When I started at Avocet in the early 90s I never for one minute thought I'd still be working here 22-years later," said Michelle.
I've never for a minute thought we'd be near relegation because we were looking to get up near the play-offs but we've had a bad run recently so you obviously have one eye on it.
The Wolves boss, who turns 52 today, said: "I always thought it was going to be a season of trials and tribulations and never for one minute thought it would be plain sailing and happy every weekend.
I never for one minute thought he would last as long as he did.
You see, the News of the World never for a single minute thought Tommy would have the gall to come at them with all guns blazing.
He was also banned from the Stadium of Light for three years by Judge Whitburn who told him: "If I for one minute thought you were part of an organised group, nothing would have saved you from custody but you were not involved in the starting of the incident.
I never for one minute thought I would be back playing for my country five years after winning my last cap, but here I am and it feels great.
AudioActive changes musical accompaniments from a passive, last- minute thought to an intelligent, driving, value-added multimedia force," explained Grey.
I never for one minute thought the number of deaths would be that high, and it just goes to show people really need to quit for the sake of their health.