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2], PEEP, compliance, resistance, peak inspiratory pressure, respiratory rate (total breaths per minute (b/min) and spontaneous b/min), spontaneous minute volume, expiratory tidal volume and actual minute volume.
Increased minute volume, oxygen and carbon dioxide consumption f.
Blood beat volume (BBV); blood minute volume (BMV); heartbeat index (HI); cardiac beats rate (CBR); systolic arterial pressure (SAP); diastolic arterial pressure (DAP); common peripheral vascular resistance (CPVR) were calculated.
A pilot had to keep the signal extra-low to pick up minute volume changes that let him know whether he was headed in or out from the station, yet stay on top of what the Morse code signals were telling him about his orientation.
Minute volume decreased more in the Buteyko group (p = .
During pregnancy, increased minute volume is by increase in tidal volume rather than RR.
My earliest experience with 'closed-loop' ventilation started some 25 years ago (in 1988), when I started studying the clinical use of mandatory minute volume ventilation using an Ohmeda CPU 1 electronic ventilator with my colleagues Peter Potgieter and Stan Davis in the respiratory intensive care unit at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town.