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Yet by casting the minuteness of his battered underdog existence within the magnifying scope of an ailing, faulty and inhumane society entrenched in what Marilena Chaui has termed a structurally hierarchical and authoritarian value system (89), Luiz Ruffato seeks a broader, more active redemption through the empathetic, big-hearted eyes of readers.
In order to determine "the precise import in law" of the key contractual phrase, the Court reviewed the coinage acts of Congress from 1792 onwards, observing that "[t]he design of all this minuteness and strictness in the regulation of coinage .
The camera captures the characters at odd angles with either tight shots that make it appear as if they could easily slip from the land into an engulfing sea or distant shots that underscore the minuteness of humanity in the grasp of an encompassing nature.
From loss to ornament, then, and from the sustaining of harm to the production of light, tinsel, like the Jaguar's heady vines, provides a concrete example of the illuminating connective labor contained in the minuteness of "of".
Consequently, to elevate the president's veto power into an equal power of legislation, and to base that elevation on an argument about the president's equality with respect to representation, would be to take legislation from "those who understand with minuteness the interest of the people," and then "give it to one who does not and cannot so well understand it.
Indeed, the culmination of this kind of sublime and violent experience of power for Burke is the conceiving of the idea of the Deity, through which the subject experiences the ultimate violence: "But whilst we contemplate so vast an object, under the arm, as it were, of almighty power, and invested upon every side with omnipresence, we shrink into the minuteness of our own nature, and are, in a manner, annihilated before him" (111).
But the minuteness of the separate political bodies never allowed these to gain the overwhelming predominance of the oriental monarchs.
It is always a choice of a researcher to decide what minuteness of structure details or of its integral structural elements should be represented by the model.
Thus he covered the range of immensity and minuteness of the physical world.
Cusk's compulsive observation derives from the Woolfian minuteness of recording trivial events: just like Woolf, she records "the atoms as they fall upon the mind in the order in which they fall" and traces "the pattern, however disconnected and incoherent in appearance, which each sight or incident scores upon the consciousness" (Woolf, "Modern Fiction" E4 161).
Therefore it is necessary to improve connection between all stages of project lifetime, determine principle guidelines of implementation and also minuteness of justification.