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MINUTE, measures. In divisions of the circle or angular measures, a minute is equal to sixty seconds, or one sixtieth part of a degree.
     2. In the computation of time, a minute is equal to sixty seconds, or the sixtieth part of an hour. Vide Measure.

MINUTE, practice. A memorandum of what takes place in court; made by authority of the court. From these minutes the record is afterwards made up.
     2. Toullier says, they are so called because the writing in which they were originally, was small, that the word is derived, from the Latin minuta, (scriptura) in opposition to copies which were delivered to the parties, and which were always written in a larger hand. 8 Toull. n. 413.
     3. Minutes are not considered as any part of the record. 1 Ohio R. 268. See 23 Pick. R. 184.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The air-entraining agent imported even dispersed bubbles with minuteness and closed and mutually uncorrelated characteristics [13-15], which led to the higher density of SFRELC matrix with improved uniformity of zigzag capillaries.
After extending the frontiers of knowledge and going through the rigours of research, one becomes conscious of one's own limitations the nothingness and minuteness in the cosmic equation.
This malleable inventiveness of form and content gives Luiz Ruffato's work a quality of macro interrelatedness or correspondence of broad scope, if you will, even as it zeroes in on the micro minuteness of artless souls and their personal tribulations.
From the minuteness with which I have traced Waverley's pursuits, and the bias which they unavoidably communicated to his imagination, the reader may perhaps anticipate, in the following tale, an imitation of the romance of Cervantes.
We sit in companionable silence, both of us, I suspect, feeling that peculiarly comforting sensation of minuteness.
My will has been duly drawn up with minuteness. I have left the bulk of my fortune to my daughter, and a goodly portion of it, properly secured, to the child of my victim.
[M.sub.f1] is the minuteness positive constant to ensure the adaptive law [[??].sub.1] [greater than or equal to] 0 in any situation.
Mentre pero i recensori britannici si fondano prevalentemente su una lettura dei testi stessi, rimarcando ad esempio "the inartificial management of the plot, and the unnecessary and tedious minuteness of historical notices" (recensione dei Promessi sposi nella "Foreign Quarterly Review, novembre 1827), per gli esuli italiani emerge una questione d'ideologia.
This is how Lowes is able to show, in awesome minuteness, how various words, expressions and ideas were channeled from various books (especially books of travel, but not only) through Coleridge's esemplastic (unifying) mind into his poetry.
The following illustrates the minuteness of his involvement: "if Anne is the last name [...] there should be, if possible, some indication of which Anne.
(125) Overawed by the infinity of the ocean, in contrast to his own minuteness, Cusanus emphasized in De Docta Ignorantia the dissimilarity between finite and infinite, between which there is no proportion.
He accepts that the "fulness and minuteness" of religious knowledge might well lead him away from an orthodox Christian understanding of God (1.