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It works by applying the following steps: gradient calculation, minutiae detection, reference point calculation, area of interest detection, feature extraction based on discrete wavelet transform and finally feature comparison based on mid-squared error (MSE).
Putting aside that much of this money was already in the pipeline to make up for levy shortfalls, if tactical minutiae had been the focus in the first place, there would have been less need for the upset, acrimony and anomaly that has disfigured the last three months.
Key words: face recognition, pattern recognition, resemblance calculation, distances between anthropological minutiae
In order to analyse, the four major criterions are Ridge area, Minutiae density, distance between neighbouring minutiae and Ridge wavelength.
Meeting the interoperability and performance requirements of the ILO is further evidence of the world class quality of our finger minutiae biometric technology," stated Colin Soutar, CTO, Bioscrypt Inc.
When it comes to a biometric fingerprint ID, it's the minutiae that matter.
Seemingly impervious to the inconvenience of being upside-down, they bickered over minutiae while a ghostly silhouette emerged of a man hanging by his feet from a tree (something Khan did as a child).
The liberalisation of trade rules has seen a concomitant relaxation in the minutiae of professional regulations designed to protect home markets--or in the case of the US, individual state markets.
Spong's alternative to the fundamentalist way of engaging the Bible is simply to assert that the overall shape and sweep of the story-arc or meta-narrative of the Bible is of greater significance than minutiae of the cultural backdrop against which this story takes place, and that traditionalists make far too much of the latter in building up a theological system.
The remarkable exhibition "Robert Rauschenberg: Combines," organized by Paul Schimmel of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and its catalogue offer divergent answers: The first major work in the book is Untitled, 1954, a "Red Painting" that is absent at the Met, where instead it is Minutiae that greets visitors.
Bush's] job, he told me, is to 'stay out of the minutiae, keep the big picture in mind, but also make sure that I know enough about what's going on to get the best information possible.