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Keywords: Fuzzy Vault; cancelable fingerprint template, encryption, irreversible transformation function, minutiae descriptor
The process of minutiae extraction is done as the last step in feature extraction and then the final image is stored in database.
However, most of the indexing algorithms use minutiae [17].
It works by applying the following steps: gradient calculation, minutiae detection, reference point calculation, area of interest detection, feature extraction based on discrete wavelet transform and finally feature comparison based on mid-squared error (MSE).
Putting aside that much of this money was already in the pipeline to make up for levy shortfalls, if tactical minutiae had been the focus in the first place, there would have been less need for the upset, acrimony and anomaly that has disfigured the last three months.
Key words: face recognition, pattern recognition, resemblance calculation, distances between anthropological minutiae
In order to analyse, the four major criterions are Ridge area, Minutiae density, distance between neighbouring minutiae and Ridge wavelength.
Predictably the seminarians' lives are littered with the minutiae of modern life, and at times Englert gets bogged down in recounting the prosaic details.
But Insp Peter Serhatlic, of South Yorks police, said: "We try to get away from ticketing for minutiae.
Sonenshein was executive director of the Appointed Charter Reform Commission and is an acknowledged expert on Los Angeles government -- everything from the City Council process to the minutiae of what is considered a pothole.
YA readers can easily omit some chapters devoted to the eternal bickering among generals, and to the minutiae of small units being sent back and forth over back roads.
Her poetry helps the reader experience the eternal and the universal by delving into the personal, minutiae reconsidered leading to an experience of the divine.