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Already the Italian government is mired in recession and its export sector is threatened by the approximate 20 percentage point loss in competitive ness to France and Germany over the past five years as a result of the relatively poor Italian productivity performance.
A proposed religious school voucher law for the District of Columbia became mired in Senate debate toward the end of September.
In the short run, rather than being a model of electronic efficiency, health plans may find themselves mired in an avalanche of paperwork and phone calls.
The girls get mired in phonetic choppiness on the turgid ballads and tend to yelp on the up-tempo tracks, most of which cross the line from catchy into annoying to begin with.
The telecom industry has been mired in a horrendous slump created by a glut of competition and oceans of overvalued assets from unused capacity.
Disturbing news from New Brunswick reveals that the big sci-fi TV series Space Hunter has been mired in personnel and financial difficulties highlighted by a dispute with ACTRA because the project is a non-union shoot, a dangerous precedent for a province just getting into the business.
New dances shown at the Clark Studio Theater seemed mired in the past and, with the exception of a premiere by Foreman, were unvaryingly dark.
The overall recycling market is mired in the doldrums.
The lumber industry in Northern Ontario is mired in a slump, and there are few signs that the sector is ready to break out of it.
life insurers to workers' compensation carve-out business continues to be mired in litigation proceedings and arbitration between the direct writers, reinsurers, and retrocessionaires.
Amman, June 14 (Petra) -- His Royal Highness Prince Mired Bin Raad stressed the need for further efforts to help persons with disabilities and exchange knowledge and expertise in this regard.
During a meeting with ambassadors of granting countries, Board Chairman of the National Center for Demining and Rehabilitation (NCDR) Prince Mired stressed on Saturday that the 8th meeting of Ottawa Agreement member countries was a distinguished chance to renew the international interest in demining, spread awareness of this issue and put an end to all the suffering caused by land mines.