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Already the Italian government is mired in recession and its export sector is threatened by the approximate 20 percentage point loss in competitive ness to France and Germany over the past five years as a result of the relatively poor Italian productivity performance.
Many remain mired in unstable, costly, inadequate rental housing, without the ability to develop good credit histories and to accumulate those resources necessary to achieve homeownership.
Before leaving the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1975, Rico had been one of the driving forces behind the FBI's mob informant program, which has mired the bureau's Boston office in scandal for several years.
Although One Day I Saw a Black King reads smoothly and periodically yields an interesting setting or engaging dialogue between characters, the story line remains mired ha the past misfortunes of the key characters and never really evolves.
And while many states and school officials have called the federal mandate underfunded, Paige criticizes their resistance, calling the complainers "significant, powerful forces entrenched in the old ways, mired in self interest.
A proposed religious school voucher law for the District of Columbia became mired in Senate debate toward the end of September.
In the short run, rather than being a model of electronic efficiency, health plans may find themselves mired in an avalanche of paperwork and phone calls.
The girls get mired in phonetic choppiness on the turgid ballads and tend to yelp on the up-tempo tracks, most of which cross the line from catchy into annoying to begin with.
Bass said, "Thank God it is too mired and muddy, too wild and glorious, for us to get our roads into it.
sales companies are poised to announce they will bypass London in October and exhibit their wares exclusively at Mired, the Milan film market that takes place the following week.
Disturbing news from New Brunswick reveals that the big sci-fi TV series Space Hunter has been mired in personnel and financial difficulties highlighted by a dispute with ACTRA because the project is a non-union shoot, a dangerous precedent for a province just getting into the business.
New dances shown at the Clark Studio Theater seemed mired in the past and, with the exception of a premiere by Foreman, were unvaryingly dark.