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By moving these services out to the Edge with Mirror Image, we are now able to track and optimize bid requests, optimize workflow, and minimize daisy chaining issues, resulting in increased revenue for our customers and lower operating costs for us," said Will Alexander, Chief Technology Officer for Beanstock Media.
The Mirror Image is a 40" digital display enclosed in a stainless steel NEMA rated bezel housing the company's robust sensor system and is controlled remotely via a broadcast quality content management system.
It's clear that capuchins don't regard their mirror image as that of a stranger," de Waal says.
Through the Mirror Image Ready Partnership program, CacheFlow, the leader in Internet acceleration, and Mirror Image, the owner of the central caching space, have worked to secure complete interoperability between their product offerings.
With the new data center, customers' application logic now scales elastically and effortlessly across Mirror Image data centers located throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.
April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Mirror Image Internet, Inc.
One of the most infamous examples of the mirror image property, or chirality, is the drug thalidomide.
April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Committed to delivering caching solutions that substantially reduce Internet traffic congestion, and enables the full potential of broadband and traditional traffic, Mirror Image Internet, Inc.
Right-handed complex (I) fits into B-DNA better than does its mirror image (II).
Through October 31, 2012, all eligible Cotendo Cloudlet customers can qualify for a free, no-obligation migration plan, including personalized consulting sessions with Mirror Image engineers, a detailed Statement of Work and a functional Proof of Concept.
Charles White's responsibilities at Mirror Image include leading the company's global sales and marketing teams, as well as helping to set and manage vertical and geographic market awareness and penetration strategies for the company.
Many of our ECF customers in the online and mobile advertising space run their businesses using CPM-based pricing models," said Robert Andrews, Chief Operating Officer at Mirror Image Internet.